A Brush with Fame: Rawad Makarem, Makeup Artist & Sales Executive at Gucci Cosmetics


How did you first get into the beauty industry?

I came to Dubai to visit, and my father knows the General Manager of Givenchy. So I started with Givenchy, [worked] two years and then I got a vacancy for Gucci. I have been working at Gucci for one year now.

I have a degree in sales and I had a strong training by Margarita, the Givenchy trainer. She [taught] us how to make sales ‘CHIC’; C is for catching the customer, H for understand[ing] what the customer needs, I for inviting the customer to try products and C for closing the moment or closing the sale. This is very important in the sales domain.

What are Gucci cosmetics best sellers?

Lipsticks; the natural colors. Like Whisper, Rose Dragée, Cashmere, Nostalgia, Exposure and Seduction. Those are the popular colors.

Gucci Make-up event Seph DM-102

What are 5 must haves in any girl’s makeup bag?

Complexion products; foundation, powder, blusher, lipstick and some eyeshadow.

What makeup artists do you look up to?

Aaron [Henrikson], of course, and Max, the international makeup artist of Dolce and Gabbana.

Gucci Make-up event Seph DM-90

What advice can you give other beauty sales assistants?

Just be patient and keep applying [makeup], like 20 applications every day. And at the end of the day, ask the customer what is their priority to buy. If she will try the products, 90% she will buy them.

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