IMG_2031Here I am sitting at Caribou on my own for the first time ever since I delivered a year and 2 months ago. My son is at a nursery close-by for a trial and I’m taking advantage of my new-found 1 hour of freedom to share my thoughts about a product I was dying to try for the longest time!

Lilumia loaded with brushes – Silver handled brush is too squished into the cleaning disk, a wrong position which would potentially damage the bristles

I know I have some brush-cleaning favorites (here and here), but if I could skip the whole process all-together AND have clean brushes all the time, my lazy-ass would never complain! Lilumia promises just that. However, contrary to what I initially thought, I still have to ‘pre-wash’ the brushes before placing them in the machine to ensure proper cleansing. I had done my research (obviously) before ordering it and read a lot of mixed reviews, but someone had compared it to a dishwasher – where pre-washing/removing all the gunk is necessary, and it made a lot of sense to me. I don’t load my dishwasher with food pieces still stuck on the utensils, so why do that with brushes…

Dirty brushes


  • It’s fairly easy to use, after reading the instructions. Would be pretty frustrating to work it without reading them, just saying!
  • Fairly priced for a product that will save so much time.
  • Short cleaning cycles.
Clean brushes after using the Lilumia


  • Only the company’s specific soap is recommended for use with the Lilumia. It’s not cheap, and very restricting. I’m not sure what would happen if other brush cleaners are used, can’t say I’m willing to try though…if someone has, do let me know in the comments section below!
  • Fits only 6-12 brushes at a time; 6 thick or 12 thin.
  • Brushes have to be of ‘normal’ size; short ones or thicker kabuki-like ones don’t fit!
Still love using my Benjabelle Brush Tree drying rack!

With that said, I have to mention I bought mine RIGHT before the company released it’s newer version, the Lilumia 2. Needless to say, I was pretty pissed off. Had I know it was about to come out, I would’ve definitely waited. Pretty bad marketing on their end…but all in all, it’s a good product and would definitely recommend it for makeup lovers like me with a lot of brushes or who just loathe standing in the bathroom washing brushes for half an hour at a time!




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    1. You won’t regret it! And you’ll be getting the upgraded version, which is even better! Let me know your thoughts if you end up buying it 🙂

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