AOM Cosmetics Extreme Art Liner Pen Review

8-8-2015_sYou know when you’re flipping through Instagram pictures and you see a product you haven’t seen before and you just KNOW that you’re going to totally love it? No hesitation, no doubts and most importantly no research needed. That’s my story with the AOM Cosmetics Extreme Art Liner Pen. That says a lot for someone who leaves Sephora with black marks all over her hands from swatching eyeliners to test ‘blackness’ and longevity.

The Extreme Art Liner Pen is a must have in every beauty arsenal, whether you’re a full – fledged makeup artist or a makeup newbie who can’t draw eyeliner. Really.ย The tip is SO flexible, it practically draws the line itself with just one long stroke – and you’ll finally be able to get away with wearing really thin eyeliner if you want. Most importantly, it’s extremely gentle on the thin and sensitive lid area, it just glides on so no tugging whatsoever.

Oh and it fares really well in the ‘blackness’ department; it’s a matte really black liner, just the way I like them.ย I also didn’t have any problems with transferring on my oily eyelids -but you won’t catch me without my Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion, it does wonders to keep my eye makeup in place. The eyeliner is waterproof however so I don’t think it will smudge or migrate even when worn alone.

The cherry on top? You get to keep your liner pen for a really long time and just buy replacement cartridges when you’re out! I already bought 2 new cartridges with my eyeliner – that’s how much I knew I was going to love it!!!

Trust me you guys, this eyeliner is a game changer!

P.s: Follow me on Instagram @ofpixiedust for updates and makeup inspiration!


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