Shwarzkopf BLONDME event


I had the pleasure of attending the Schwarzkopf BLONDME event at the German Carnival Health Spa 2 yesterday with numerous other beauty, fashion and lifestyle bloggers in Dubai.


The owner, Alfred, was very joyful and welcoming. He took his time to elaborate on the services offered at his Spa, apart from hair and nails, which include Moroccan bath, hammam, massages and even physiotherapy! He prides himself in how each member of his staff is specialized in their profession, and I have to say they all seemed friendly and welcoming. As a side note, I had to have my 3 month old daughter accompany me to the event, and everyone there was very sweet and accommodating. In fact, if you are a new mommy and cannot leave or bear to be without your child while getting pampered, the Carnival Health Spa 2 will welcome you both with open arms, so thumbs up for that!


The event itself was very informative, especially to a hairdye novice like me. Schwarzkopf’s BLONDME line caters to women who want to lighten their hair substantially without subjecting it to damage. How I wished I had known about this only weeks ago before going dark again, after being fed up with my hairdresser’s failed attempts at getting to that light ashy shade I have been lusting after. So if its a lighter hair color you want and happen to live in Dubai, the hairdressers at Carnival Health Spa 2 are well-trained to use the BLONDME professional range and can also recommend after care products to maintain your new locks!


We even had the chance to watch a live demonstration by the brand’s trainer in Dubai, Emilia, on two different models so we can all vouch for BLONDME’s results!




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