SNIPPETS: #TheGlamSoiree event for Glamazle’s 2nd anniversary

IMG_6614-2I had the pleasure to attend #TheGlamSoiree event for Glamazle‘s second anniversary at the St.Regis Dubai. As much as I love spending time at Sephora, there are a lot of brands that are still not available there or in the big department stores and that’s where Glamazle comes to the rescue!  I was astonished to find out that so many brands that I love are available on it, including but not limited to Melt Cosmetics, Farsali and Hourglass…


I was also introduced to various brands that I had not heard of before but look very promising. The main ones of interest to me are La Vallee, Khadi and Pro Blo.

IMG_5939La Valle is a Swiss skincare brand with products made from local mineral-rich ingredients that cater to all skin types. I received a sample of their Perfect Eye Zone Cream and I am loving it so far! I am very interested in trying their T-Zone Oil Control Lotion, Control Mattifying Cream, Ultra Sensitive Serum and Ultra Healing Cream. Honestly, it has been a while since I’ve been this excited about a skincare brand!

IMG_5898 (2)IMG_5899 (2)

Khadi is an Indian brand with all-natural beauty products. Their henna is a best-seller and their soaps are handmade. I was really interested in trying their henna until my sister warned me that you can’t easily go back to hair dyes after doing henna so I’m still contemplating it.


Pro Blo Curl Me takes a blow-dry from drab to fab without the help of a hair-stylist! Each set consists of brushes that should be used like normal ones would, except that the bristles’ part of each brush can be detached from the handle and left in the hair until it sets to help create a voluminous blow dry! The results are supposed to last a couple of days too, making it more lasting than a professional blow-dry that usually loses its volume after some hours.

I seriously felt like I was in beauty heaven at the event! Thank you Glamazle for a delightful and very insightful time!

Scroll down for some images from the event…


I was generously gifted a Seche Vive and a Nail Tek Strengthener
The No Bump line seems very appealing – I am very prone to ingrowns!
Mehron Makeup


My very generous goody bag!


  1. Yusra

    Loved this post Sarah! I’ve been wanting to try an hourglass product for the longest time, it’s good to see that they are becoming easily accessible in Dubai. The StylPro makeup brush cleaner has been something I’ve been interested in ever since I saw Bubzbeauty use it 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ofpixiedust

      Thanks Yusra, glad to hear that! I actually haven’t seen this brush cleaner before but I thought it was pretty cool, especially for people who don’t have too much brushes to clean like me 😛


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