BB Cream Girl Korean products review


I was generously gifted Korean products from the UAE online store The BB Cream Girl and I wanted to share my thoughts on them with you. Prior to receiving the package, the only Korean brands I had tried were Erborian and Skinfood, so I was excited to further dip my toes in the Korean beauty realm…


I was excited most to use the sheet masks – I’m a big fan of the SKII Facial Treatment Mask but it doesn’t come cheap, so I was excited to try other ones that are easier on the pocket. I received 4 masks, each one from a different brand:


I found this too be a bit ill-fitting, and the material is thinner than I am used to for sheet masks. It’s scent wasn’t unpleasant, but it did cause my skin to tingle when I applied it. It also left my skin red on the cheek and nose area, but I do have sensitive skin that gets irritated from strong ingredients sometimes. When I wiped it off, it left my skin really smooth and firm, but I did feel some burning also, so maybe I shouldn’t have left it on my face when I first felt the tingling. I ended up washing my face with water to soothe it and luckily all the irritation subsided by the next morning.

MISSHA Pure Source Cell Sheet Mask in Red Ginseng

This mask was much milder on my skin than the previous one. It left my skin smooth, hydrated and matte – just the way I like it.


Surprisingly, this was a major hit for me. I initially thought a mask with shea butter would better suit a dryer skin type, so I was definitely in for a treat when my skin felt super moisturized and smooth minus the heaviness or grease! Would definitely repurchase this. I just wasn’t a big fan of the fit of the mask itself.

It’S SKIN Tea Tree Balance

This mask’s fit was ok, and it left my skin feeling plump, moisturized and very soft. It was also not greasy. Definitely a winner too.

In general, I noticed that although these masks are bit thinner than I would like, or not have the greatest fits, but they are perfect to prep the skin and give it that extra hydration before makeup. For more sensitive skin types, I think it would be better to avoid the strong ginseng masks.


NATURE REPUBLIC Bath & Nature Body Lotion

I used this body lotion up and every single time I used it I thought my younger self would have loved this – it’s just too fruity for me now. However, it absorbs really well and quickly without feeling heavy or leaving residues on the skin.

TONYMOLY Pocket Bunny Sleek Mist

I didn’t expect to like this at all! I was initially thrown off by the packaging; I can’t take cute packaging seriously! Also, the lack of an English product description on it did not help – I literally had to google it to find out what it was and how to use it. With that said, this cute little spray won me over so fast! I started reaching out for it as a finishing spray and didn’t think twice about it – it actually took me a while to realize that the matte-but-not-flat finish of my makeup and how it all fuses together to look very soft is all due to this little cute bunny spray.

According to Ulta:

Tony Moly’s Pocket Bunny Sleek Mist is an oil-controlling face mist that helps counteract excessive oil production while providing refreshing hydration. Formulated with a fusion of fruit extracts, this face mist not only controls oil without drying, but it also sets makeup and improves the overall look and feel of the skin. Perfect for oily or troubled skin, it imparts a fresh, fruity, and alluring fragrance.

I have to admit that the product description is on point, I can attest to that! I would definitely repurchase this…

ETUDE HOUSE My Beauty Tool Oil Control Film

These sheets reminded me of the MAC Blot Film ones, which I love, except that these are 50 sheets in this pack for less than a third of the latter’s price! Win! They are blue in color and have a soft texture that allows proper oil absorption.



I found these lip liners to be really good. They are creamy so they don’t tug on the lips or dry them out. Longevity is quite acceptable. The colors I received are Wine, Rose and Coral.

MISSHA Perfect Eyebrow Styler

I felt the nib was too thick and the colors were not very ‘natural’ looking – the black is too intense and the brown has a hint too much red – so the result was very unnatural looking brows, at least on me.

TONYMOLY Shimmer Jeweling Blusher in 01

A pink blusher with four different quadrants, this is a perfect size for travelling or putting in a purse.

TONYMOLY Delight Tint Crayon in Neon

This felt like a really tinted lip balm, but the color was not flattering on me at all. If you like bright pinks with a sheer and glossy consistency then this is definitely for you!

SKINFOOD Nail Vita Top Coat

I love how thin this top coat is is – it doesn’t add an extra thick layer to the nail, which is great after sloppy DIY manicures. But you know when you accidentally ruin a still-wet nail and you try to smooth the polish out again with the top coat? This is so thin it’s not great at undoing polish mishaps. It also doesn’t dry fast enough for me, although I may be a tad bit impatient, but I do have two little monkeys to tend to…


I’m happy I had the chance to try some new Korean beauty brands. Next time, I think I want to try more high-end products – any recommendations? Leave them in the comments below! And if you live in the UAE don’t forget to check out The BB Cream Girl for your Korean beauty needs!


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