Lady Burgundy Lips x Matte Review


You guys know by now how much I love trying out new products, and I can never say no to a new lipstick formula. I was recently introduced to Lady Burgundy, a Canadian-based vegan and cruelty-free brand that sells matte liquid lipsticks and false lashes and thought I would give it a go. To be honest, with everyone and their mothers coming out with matte liquid lipsticks, what drew me to these were how some of their names struck a chord.

I purchased a couple of matte lipsticks from the brand’s official retailer in Dubai to put them to the test. I was really excited to get my hand on Olivia, and thought I would throw in Maha too to justify shipping cost. Upon receiving them, I was quite disappointed with Olivia – it wasn’t that rusty orange I thought it was going to be; the swatch that convinced me to buy it was not true to color.  I hate it when that happens, and it threw me off from trying the lipsticks for a while. When I did give them a chance I learned Olivia is a beautiful color, and I kept reaching out for it all the time. Unfortunately, I didn’t feel Maha suited me very much so didn’t get much use out of it.

Swatches of Lady Burgundy Maha and Olivia

Although it is matte, the formula is non-drying. When the lips are moisturized pre-application, the lipstick glides on smoothly and doesn’t settle in fine lines or emphasize cracks. It has decent staying power, and it can be easily reapplied without feeling cakey or crumbly if it starts wearing off.

After looking at the other shades available, I feel Noor, Ella, Madison and Imaari would look nice on me. The new red shades Rekha and Rita look interesting too! Lady Burgundy lipsticks retail for 80 dhs each in Dubai from the offcial retailer, and shipping is 30 dhs or free for orders above 300 dhs.

Let me know if you try them!


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