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“Heal so you can hear what is being said without the filter of your wounds” Dr Thema Bryant

Emotional Freedom online, 1:1, 90 min sessions

A coaching program that helps you gain clarity and freedom from the grip of your emotions so you can live life more authentically

Perhaps you find yourself flooded with worrisome thoughts, stuck in never ending cycles of obsessive thinking, or you have a deep feeling of emptiness that permeates your soul…

Or you might find yourself drowning in fits of jealousy, victimhood, or endless pits of guilt and shame.

You may feel shackled by your pain, it paralyzes you, and you feel constricted, unable to live your life fully as you would like…

You may be at loss for ways to make this emotional pain go – you’ve tried resisting it, fighting it, repressing it and even numbing it, to no avail…the more you try, the louder the pain gets…

You are not destined to live like this forever, in fact:

It is possible to live a life that is not dictated by your emotions.

It is possible for you to live pain free.

You have the power to get yourself out of this rut.

There is nothing wrong with you, you do not need fixing. In fact, you already hold the wisdom to heal yourself.

We are born whole, there is an innate inner wisdom in all of us, but over time the connection to ourselves may be impaired or severed due to social conditioning or the occurrence of trauma, or overwhelming events that are difficult to process. This creates various forms of pain. The pain has a voice, and it drowns us in its story – we start to think, feel and live from that limited space that pain defines. No matter how much we know, and how much we want to change, we feel stuck in our suffering, and unable to show up authentically in life.

Wading through the depths of the realm of emotions takes strength and courage – most of all, it requires readiness. It requires us to stop fighting or running away from emotional pain, and use it as a channel to help unbury our wounds and unburden our fear, guilt or shame so we can remember our essence and tune into it.

Emotional Freedom is a safe place to meet and sit with our emotional pain so we can gain sovereignty over it.

Emotional Freedom helps you

– Let go of the grip of your emotions, overcome emotional blocks and take back control of your life and happiness

– Transform feelings of inner turmoil, pain, anxiety, anger and stress to ones of power, confidence and connection

– Release yourself from the grip of fear and live from a place of love instead

– Release feelings of guilt and shame that paralyze you

– Live life intentionally instead of unconsciously reacting

– Deepen your connection with yourself and others