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Home Again online, 1:1, 90 min sessions

A coaching program that helps you gain freedom from anything that makes you feel shackled and small so you can reconnect with yourself, show up authentically and unleash your creativity

Perhaps you feel empty, unsatisfied, or like you do not belong and you crave more meaningful experiences and interactions in life…

Or maybe you feel like your internal and external worlds don’t match…you feel shackled by other’s judgements and opinions and you find yourself saying yes when you really mean no, sacrificing all your time and energy to please others, then feeling depleted and resentful…

You may also feel there is more to you than what shows up, but you find yourself unable to express yourself or your needs…like there is untapped potential and creativity yearning to come out…

We are born whole, but over time the connection to ourselves may be impaired or severed due to social conditioning or the occurrence of trauma, or overwhelming events that are difficult to process. These life experiences force us to find ingenious ways to cope in order to stay safe and move forward. The coping mechanisms serve us for a while, they help us survive, but disconnect us from our true authentic selves. Over time, these coping mechanisms and traits we developed stop serving us (people pleasing, not saying no, self-sacrificing) – they end up imprisoning us instead. We feel stuck and far from the person we know we can be. When there is no congruency between the inner and outer world, suffering ensues – you might feel anxious, irritable, or explosive…and you may find your self disconnected from your needs and unable to express them or yourself as well as you would like to.

Home Again is a trauma-informed authenticity coaching program that helps you unburden yourself from everything that keeps you feeling constricted or paralyzed, so you can show up unapologetically as yourself. By definition, authenticity is the congruence of your inner and outer worlds – when your values, beliefs, emotions and actions are aligned. Home Again provides a safe space for you to explore and let go of beliefs and behaviors that do not serve you anymore to come back home to yourself.

Prepare to delve into a self-discovery journey, to gain awareness and insight into what is keeping you chained, and holding you back from experiencing life from your whole self.

You will

gain freedom to remove the masks that you were conditioned to wear, to live congruent to your values and to express yourself fully without inhibitions

let go of the weight of people’s judgements, opinions and expectations – the pressure of society, and do things because you want to not because you have to

Unearth your inner wisdom and strength for a deeper and more meaningful connection with yourself, as well as learn how to take better care of yourself

rekindle your hopes and dreams, feel totally alive

tap into your creativity again and harness your unique talents as you show up authentically to the world.

There is only one of you, the world needs your uniqueness…