Sarah is a certified Trauma-Informed Coach with a focus on emotional freedom and authenticity. 

With a background in epidemiology and biostatistics, she has always been interested in mental health. Over the years, she has come to realize that her chronic struggle with anxiety, depression and obsessive thinking may just be a manifestation of her unprocessed developmental trauma; instead of trying to eradicate them, she saw them as gifts and embraced their wisdom to dive deeper into her healing journey.

Aย complex trauma survivor, Sarah has waded the depths of her emotions and finds purpose in providing a safe space for her clients to do the same, so they resurface feeling more whole and authentic in how they show up in life. She believes that change only happens when we learn our story and see how it limits our perspective on life, how it keeps us small and in our place, even though we feel we are exerting a lot of effort. She also believes that we do not become anything; as we heal, we strip away the layers shielding us from our essence, and we get to tap into our inner wisdom as well as our unmet potential and creativity.

Sarah partners with clients to help them become more conscious of their stories, reconnect with their inner wisdom so they can release what does not serve them and move towards becoming the utmost expression of their essence; more plainly heal from the inside out.ย 

A lover of art and words, Sarah advocates individuality, self-expression, creativity and intentional living.

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