I initially started my blog because I was addicted to discovering the best formulas out there – from foundation, to eyeliner, to the best skincare products for my combination, sensitive and acne-prone skin that actually last in the Dubai summer heat… and I was mostly interested in luxury and niche brands, associating them with quality and uniqueness. Somewhere along my journey I started to question my self-made definition of luxury. I had a light-bulb moment and realized that finely milled powders, long-lasting formulas that performed well and luxurious packaging did not necessarily equate to high-quality products. The missing component of my definition was the nature of the ingredients that make up these products. Thus, my quest to the ultimate beauty products is based on my alternative definition of luxury, which now includes products having clean ingredients always and green and organic when possible.

P.S: Stepping stones in my journey, old content not congruent with this new-found definition of beauty is found here.



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