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Why Wholistik Coaching?

Wholistik Coaching helps you break free from chronic anxiety, reactivity or people-pleasing.

Whether you feel imprisoned by your emotions and unable to free yourself or you feel shackled and unable to show up as the most authentic version of you, Wholistik coaching is a safe space for you to feel whole again and become the most ideal expression of yourself.  

A complex trauma survivor, Sarah has waded the depths of her emotions and finds purpose in providing a safe space for her clients to do the same and resurface feeling more whole and authentic in how they show up in life.

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Heal so you can hear what is being said without the filter of your wounds

Dr Thema Bryant

Perhaps you find yourself flooded with worrisome thoughts, stuck in never ending cycles of obsessive thinking, or you have a deep feeling of emptiness that permeates your soul

Or you might find yourself drowning in fits of jealousy, victimhood, or endless pits of guilt and shame

Maybe you feel like your internal and external worlds don’t match…you feel shackled by other’s judgements and opinions and you find yourself saying yes when you really mean no, sacrificing all your time and energy to please others, then feeling depleted and resentful

You may feel shackled by your pain, it paralyzes you, and you feel constricted, unable to live your life fully as you would like…

You may be at loss for ways to make this emotional pain go – you’ve tried resisting it, fighting it, repressing it and even numbing it, to no avail…the more you try, the louder the pain gets…

You are not destined to live like this forever, in fact:

It is possible to live a life that is not dictated by your emotions.

It is possible for you to live pain free.

You have the power to get yourself out of this rut.

There is nothing wrong with you, you do not need fixing. In fact, you already hold the wisdom to heal yourself.

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We are born whole, there is an innate inner wisdom in all of us, but over time the connection to ourselves may be impaired or severed due to social conditioning or the occurrence of trauma, or overwhelming events that are difficult to process.

This creates various forms of pain. The pain has a voice, and it drowns us in its story – we start to think, feel and live from that limited space that pain defines. No matter how much we know, and how much we want to change, we feel stuck in our suffering.

These life experiences force us to find ingenious ways to cope in order to stay safe and move forward, like emotional eating, addiction, reactivity, self-sacrificing and isolation are a few examples. The coping mechanisms serve us for a while, they help us survive, but disconnect us from our true authentic selves. Over time, these coping mechanisms and traits we developed stop serving us – they end up imprisoning us instead. We feel stuck and far from the person we know we can be. When there is no congruency between the inner and outer world, suffering ensues – you might feel anxious, irritable, or explosive…and you may find your self disconnected from your needs and unable to express them or yourself as well as you would like to.

You will

  • Realize why you are stuck in emotional/behavioral cycles and why nothing you have tried in the past has worked
  • Gain freedom from your emotions/behaviors and reclaim control over your life
  • Learn ways to help you manage your emotions better
  • Learn how to tap into your inner wisdom, creativity and self-compassion


“Working with Sarah has allowed me to better structure my internal thoughts, challenge previously held assumptions, and reflect on learned behaviors; all in a very healthy and productive way. In a relatively short time I have made noticeable and genuine progress towards my personal relationships and have found greater balance in my life. Her techniques put me in the driver’s seat and she often acts as a guide to my own self-improvement by asking thought-provoking prompts that allow me to get to the core of any issue or subject. I would highly recommend Sarah to anyone who wants to explore self-improvement, whether it is personally, professionally, or relationship-related.”

Mohamad – Dubai

“I had a lot of questions about who I am and what my mission is in life. Mostly self doubt and anxiety kept me feeling stuck for a long time. Sarah’s way of deep listening, openness and holding space made me able to move forward with new ideas. I am grateful for the part Sarah has played in my transformation. If you are ready to transform your life, I would take the opportunity to work with Sarah and move forward towards the life you want to have.”

Anja – The Netherlands

“I really enjoyed our session today. Your questions were searching and thought provoking and got me thinking about all the sensory indicators around my triggers and my go to pattern. I really liked the fact that I came away with a practical strategy that I can continue to put in place to help me deal with my inner judge, hold space and get curious about what is happening outside myself rather than automatically internalising. You were warm, engaging and non-verbally expressed yourself and responded to me in a way that made me feel heard, held, understood and supported.”

Sophie – United Kingdom