Guys, I have just discovered theย best brush ever! I know I raved about my Mason Pearson, and I still love it very much…but this is different. This is no ordinary brush. It can replace my hairdryer, myriad of brushes (if you walk into my room you’ll know what I’m talking about!) and my straightening iron! The cherry on top? It straightened my hair in 7 minutes!

Seriously, this brush is a godsend. It heats up pretty quickly, and all it takes is brushing through the hair while holding the ends a little bit tightly, creating tension. My hair is pretty thick, so I prefer to section it off as I brush it straight.ย IMG_0809I was so excited, waiting impatiently for the brush to arrive. It was one of these products that I just KNEW was going to be amazing after watching ALL the Youtube videos available for it. Just like my AOM Cosmetics Extreme Art Liner Pen. I knew I had to have it, ASAP!


I love that it’s light enough to not cause strain on my wrist. It also doesn’t take up space and works on both 110 and 220V, so it is PERFECT for travelling.

Have you tried the Dafni??

UPDATE: It is now available in Dubai at Sephora!

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