IMG_1270To be honest, this haul is not a new one. I came across a Trinitae stall in an outdoor market in Dubai back when the weather was good and instantly felt drawn to their products. There’s something about their clean, simple packaging and the whiff of natural soaps that is very attractive! I was lucky enough to purchase these products when the owners were there; Trinitae is a family-owned business and their products are made in Jordan from local and natural raw material, including Dead Sea salts and minerals, olives and pomegranates. IMG_1209

I used their Moisturizing Face Oil for a couple of weeks at night and woke to smooth and soft skin. Unfortunately, I found out I am not a big fan of its scent*, but I have a feeling it may be due to my increased sensitivity to fragrances during pregnancy. I will give it another try once I deliver hopefully. The Soothing Eye Serum does exactly as its name implies! It hydrates the skin around the eyes very gently without any irritation.

If I had to pick, their Dead Sea Mud Facial Mask would have to be my favorite product. It’s very effective, does not irritate my sensitive skin and definitely balances oil secretion. I make sure to use it regularly and especially before special occasions to ensure my skin is smooth to help with even makeup application.


I also bought a couple of their body lotions. Both are wonderful to use but the Original Body Lotion is much lighter in texture and smells HEAVENLY. It gets absorbed into the skin very fast, leaving it silky smooth. I would recommend this for everyday use, especially during hot summer days. On the other hand, the Dead Sea Mud Body Lotion has a thicker consistency and is great for dry, ultra-thirsty skin, especially in winter or countries with colder temperatures than Dubai! With that said, I had no problems using it on the daily after I ran out of the Original Body Lotion; it also gets absorbed into the skin fast, but I still reserved it for use before bedtime…


I also fell in love with the brand’s soaps and shower products. The Aromatherapy Dead Sea Salt Crystals are lightly rose-scented and smell heavenly… Let’s just say they have upgraded my bath experience to another level! The Pomegranate and Orange Blossom Dead Sea Salt Scrub has quickly become a weekly favorite. I use it on dry skin and have already seen great results that warrant a repurchase! Last but not least, the Trinitae Pomegranate Shea Butter reminds me a lot of an old favorite, the Shiffa Healing Balm, except this caters for the whole body. It deeply hydrates and a little goes a long way. I reserve this for moisturizing my elbows, knees and heels before sleep.


Trinitae is a wonderful brand with decently-priced, quality products that make excellent gifts if you can part with the products after purchasing them! I speak from experience, as I had to repurchase a couple of products I had originally bought as gifts because I couldn’t resist trying them for myself!

For people living in the UAE, the products can be purchased by getting in touch with @leafylathers on Instagram. For worldwide purchases, visit 🙂

*Update! (January 23, 2016)

I delivered 3 months ago and I have been LOVING the Moisturizing Face Oil probably even more than I did when I wrote this post! The scent doesn’t bother me at all now!


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