The Gucci Satin Matte Foundation is finally out in stores and celebrity makeup artist Aaron Smith Henrikson was in Dubai again for a 3-day event held by the brand at both Mall of the Emirates and The Dubai Mall. After an initial confusion and mix-up with appointments on the first day that left me very frustrated, I was lucky I was given another appointment on the thirdย day for a chance to get my makeup done by him.


For me though, the experience always transcends his profound makeup skills. Meeting with Aaron has become more of a habitual trainย of discussions that always leave me feeling very giddy and invigorated. It’s not everyday that I get to meet with someone who literally travels the world and has a penchant and unquenchable thirst for people, languages, cultures and most importantly, fashion! Needless to say, I left Sephora walking on clouds…



Gucci Makeup details:

Satin Matte Liquid Foundation in #80

Satin Matte Powder Foundation in #25 and #60

Precise Brow Pencil in Blonde

Long Eear Eye Pencil in Cocoa

Magnetic Shadow Quads in Crystal Copper and Tuscan Storm

Infinite Precision Liner in Iconic Black

Infinite Length Mascara in Iconic Black

Sensual Deep Matte Lipsticks in Spring Rose (#210) and Heartbreaker (#250)

High-Gloss Lacquer inย Iconic Red



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