I was recently invited to attend an event at Mademoiselle at Galleria Mall introducing the luxurious skincare brand, Prismologie, and had a chance to learn all about it from its founders.

On Sheikha Intisar Al-Sabah and Sheikha Fatima Al-Sabah

I was not sure what to expect when I was told the founders of Prismologie were two Kuwaiti ‘Sheikhas’ (the arabic word for royal females), a mother and her daughter. Living in the Gulf, where women are traditionally dressed in a black ‘abaya’ (traditional black cloak worn over clothes), it was very refreshing to see how colorful they were – I felt I looked so serious and dreary in comparison! Their personalities are as vibrant as the colors they were sporting – they were both so cheerful, so relate-able and easy to talk to.

Both mother and daughter are very active in the Kuwaiti community and aim to spread positivity and wellness among the people. They are both interested in alternative therapies; Sheikha Fatima studied crystal therapy in the UK and organizes workshops in her home-country featuring international professionals in the fields of alternative therapies like color therapy and Reiki. To find out more about the founders and their work, clickย here.


L to R: Sheikha Fatima Al-Sabah, Sarah and Sheikha Intisar Al-Sabah

On the brand

The idea of Prismologie came up when a workshop the Sheikhas held on color therapy in Kuwait attracted more people than expected. The founders wanted to create a line of products that would help people incorporate color therapy in their lives, without having to resort to blatantly expressing themselves in color, as not everyone is comfortable doing that. Therefore, every Prismologie product is a unique fusion of crushed gemstones, fragrances and active ingredients that are reflective of each color’s properties and vibrational frequency.

There are two products representing each color. Here is a quick summary of the colors:

Color Properties Gemstone Fragrance
White Clarity Diamond Neroli
Yellow Confidence Citrine Bergamot
Pink Comfort Rose Quartz Rose
Green Serenity Jade Vetiver
Red Vigor Ruby Cedarwood
Indigo Stillness Sapphire Oud

The Prismologie product range targets the body, which makes up most of our skin and is usually neglected in favor of the face. The philosophy behind it is taking care of the body, which is mostly covered (especially amongst the locals of our region), is more of a personal ritual, in comparison to the face which is always on display for others to see.

The brand manufactures its products in the UK, which sports very stringent manufacturing laws in comparison to the US, and even amongst its peer European countries. Therefore, products do not include parabens and other harmful ingredients. They are also not tested on animals and all the packaging is environment-friendly. All this ensures ethical manufacturing and assures quality – I mean, what else would you expect from royal founders?

On the products


  • THE RED HOUR – Foaming Body Scrub with Cedarwood and Ruby

I absolutely hate traditional body scrubs – the granules feel harsh on the skin, they leave an oily residue that I can’t wash off easily and makes me have to worry about slipping in the bathtub. Suffice to say I never used to scrub my body as often as I should. Then I tried this, and my views on body scrubs literally changed instantaneously. It is so easy to use, does not leave any residue and is actually so effective! It leaves the skin feeling smooth and clean without feeling stripped and dehydrated. I do not feel I need to go out of my way to use this scrub, and although it can be used every day, I like to use it 2 to 3 times a week because my skin still feels clean and smooth days after using it. A little bit goes a long way, only the smallest amount is needed to cover big areas of skin, so I feel its price is definitely justified. It also smells wonderful and the scent lingers for quite some time after…I am absolutely in love with this scrub, and it’s a product I will definitely repurchase forever!

  • THE RED HOUR – Dry Body Oil with Cedarwood and Ruby

This smells absolutely divine! It absorbs really fast, and leaves skin feeling incredibly soft. It has capsicum extract in it so it gives off a feeling of warmth – nothing bothersome though. I felt it distinctly after using it all over my body, and walking into a room with AC and only my face felt the chill! I have to say though I did not feel that a little bit goes a long way with this one – I can see myself using it up faster than the other products from the brand. IMG_0708

  • PINK O’CLOCK – Hand and Cuticle Cream with Rose and Rose Quartz

True story – I walked into Mademoiselle with my face fully done and all dressed up but with extremely parched hands – an effect of the weather and constantly having to wash my hands and cleaning two little bum bums all day. I was embarrassed, and asked the sales lady, Eatedal, for a hand cream. She suggested I use this one from Prismologie. I rubbed a tiny bit onto my hands and did not think much about it. An hour into the event I realized my skin went from desert-parched to silky-smooth, no exaggeration whatsoever. This is the definition of love at first try, really. Obviously, I picked up a full-size one right away. And it smells of roses – not the sickening, synthetic scent you get from commercial rose-scented products; it’s a very subtle one. Apparently, the founders took their time with their perfumer nose picking out the combination of notes to end up with the fragrance they have now…and they have done a great job.

  • WHITE BEGINNING – Rich Body Cream with Neroli and Diamond

I received this in a generous 40 ml size as a gift from the event and I already know that I’m picking up a full-sized one ASAP because I do not want to run out! It has a relatively thick texture but it spreads easily and absorbs really fast, leaving my skin looking healthy and feeling very soft and moisturized. I’m also in love with how it smells – the neroli, or orange blossom, smells so heavenly and reminds me of my favorite Lebanese dessert, Mouhallabiyyah ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Sapphire & Oud Relaxing Foot Cream

I’ve always shied away from foot creams as they tend to be too thick to absorb well, therefore feeling very heavy on the skin. Just like when I tried the body scrub, I fell in love with this instantly. Even though its texture leans towards the thicker side, it absorbs extremely fast and leaves my feet feeling so soft and happy! I am absolutely in love with all the scents of the brands products, but if I were to chose only one favorite, it would be this! It smells so relaxing and soothing, it is perfect to use before bedtime. I received a small sample from this and will be repurchasing a full-sized one soon! I cannot recommend it enough, trust me, your feet will thank you!IMG_0709-3

  • Jade & Vetiver Hand Exfoliant

The granules of this scrub are so fine that skin is gently, yet properly, exfoliated with no effort whatsoever. I used to think of hand scrubs as part of manicures, but this is so gentle it can be used on a daily basis. I actually keep it on the side of my sink and I reach out for it every night before bed.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen my skin look this healthy and feel so bright and alive! I highly recommend Prismologie products and I’m sure your feelings will mirror mine if you try them! I hope the founders comes up with face products too, I can already imagine how amazing a face scrub would be if it were from Prismologie!

In Dubai, Prismologie products are available at Mademoiselle at Galleria Mall. Thr brand is also sold at several outlets in the UK.

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