IMG_8316I do not feel comfortable wearing lipstick if I have a visible ‘stache, so I decided years ago that keeping that area hair-free is a must! When I first moved to Dubai I was shocked at how expensive salon visits can get (compared to Lebanon) and I ‘invested’ in white sewing thread to attempt learning how to thread my upper-lip area. It was easier than expected, and the technique kept me wearing lipstick everyday at no extra cost for years! Fast forward six years and I was gifted the OceanPure Do-It-Yourself Manual Threading Deviceย and I have to say it beats threading by far!

To use the manual threading device, twist the coil to form an up-side-down U shape and then twist the ends while rolling it on the skin to capture and remove hair. The hair is lifted from the roots, without damaging the skin. That simple!

Now that I got the hang of it, I cannot live without it. It’s seriously that good. I spend a couple of minutes each week using this manual threader and it helps remove everything, even the shortest hairs that I cannot see!

17 replies on “DIY: Threading

    1. Hi Sam! I can’t say it doesn’t, but nothing too terrible. It’s actually quite addicting to use because you can feel the tiniest hairs that you can’t even see being pulled out!


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