davids toothpaste review

Toothpaste was among the first personal hygiene products I looked to swap when I went clean, and family-owned and operated Davids was the main brand that my research led me to, so I bought their Peppermint flavor several times. Fast forward a couple of years, I was thrilled when the brand gifted me all their four flavors to try, and I thought it would be befitting of me to share my two cents on their ethos and product. Now I don’t claim to be an expert on mouth matters and I do have a deep-seated aversion to dentists – save for my uncle and cousin who I love as humans – so I’ll proceed with my humble review in laymen terms.

davids toothpaste review

I initially opted to buy Davids Premium Natural Toothpaste because of various reasons, the star of them being the clean ingredients that make it up – it is free from artificial flavors, preservatives, colors and sweeteners; in fact, 98% of its ingredients are derived from nature. Also, the fact that the toothpaste is EWG verified and has a rating of “1” gives me extra comfort without having to sift through individual ingredients trying to assess their toxicity. Chemistry was never up my alley and although as a statistician I am highly proficient at reading and understanding scientific studies, I much prefer leaving toxicity analysis to the experts and just avoiding the ingredients I am not comfortable with.

davids toothpaste review

At a quick glance, Davids was also highly rated from customers so I was comforted knowing I was not wading into unchartered territory with it, and I was curious to find out for myself what others liked about it. I knew some of it had to do with the aesthetics – this is one good looking toothpaste! I love the simplicity of its design, and how functional the packaging is. The recyclable metal tube is squeezable to the last drop with the help of the included tube key, which I absolutely love – one can opt to not have it included in the box if that is desired, or they can be collected and then sent back to the company, where 20 tube keys can be exchanged for a tube of toothpaste of choice!

davids toothpaste review

Most importantly, what I always look for before purchasing products is to check how cost-effective they are. I am happy to report that Davids Premium Natural Toothpaste is definitely good value for money – each tube is 5.25 oz/149 g, costs $9.95 and lasts two months with two adults using it day and night. The only downside to purchasing it for me would be the fact that I live in Dubai and it is not readily accessible around this part of the world, so it does come out to be a bit more expensive with international shipping costs.

davids toothpaste review

With all that said, I have to say I loved using the toothpaste the times I bought it, and I was very excited trying the other flavors as well. The freshness it imparts in the mouth is very akin to conventional toothpaste, and my teeth look and feel clean when using it. My coffee-stained teeth are looking brighter and less yellow, and my lips are not sensitive to any of the flavorings used in the 4 flavors. I unfortunately had to learn about the latter the hard way, where other brands of clean toothpaste really irritated my lips.

davids toothpaste review

I have to say that Davids Premium Natural Toothpaste is a testimony to how we don’t need to compromise on ingredients to get results, and how clean can outperform conventional. Saying that I love this toothpaste would be an understatement – I would happily continue to purchase it till the end of time!

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