Almond Cow review, nut milk machine, homemade nut milk

Growing up, I avoided milk when I could – not because of my already established lactose intolerance, but solely due to my inability to tolerate the smell and taste of milk. Well unless there was cereal (or a frappucino later on in life) involved, and I would be left in gut distress and pain for the remainder of my day; a rightful consequence of my intolerance crossed with my hedonistic, short-term, pleasure-seeking mindset…

I was relatively late to jump on the nut milk bandwagon – the thinner consistency in comparison to dairy milk and the weird list of ingredients on the back of store-bought cartons put me off and left me devoid of any interest in incorporating alien milk in my diet. Somewhere along the way though I realized I could control the latter factor by making my own almond milk with the help of a blender and a cheesecloth, which I happily did for a while, until the realization that I am introducing bacteria from my hands into my nut milk kicked in. I was happy making my own plant-based milk, I just needed a more hygienic method.

Almond Cow review, nut milk machine, homemade nut milk

As with all things in life, a coincidence occurred – Almond Cow, a nut milk maker, magically appeared on my Instagram feed. I was mesmerized, but the high price tag put me off initially. I caved in when I realized that the machine would have paid for itself after 32-39 batches of almond milk (in comparison to buying Alpro Almond Milk cartons, not including the price of almonds/nuts needed). I am happy to say it quickly became an integral part of my kitchen and I’m very thankful I decided to invest in it.

Almond Cow review, nut milk machine, homemade nut milk

Almond Cow is very easy to use – just add water to the machine, soaked nuts to the filter, attach all parts together (filter, top and bottom), and press the cow button. Most importantly, it is very easy to clean – on most days, a quick rinse of all stainless steel parts is sufficient.

With the Almond Cow, I get the frothiest, creamiest and dare I say better-tasting nut milk than anything store-bought, in literally minutes, and without any nasty chemicals. I have read reviews that say their resulting almond milk is not very creamy or frothy but I honestly do not have that problem. On days I have not planned ahead and prepped my nuts, I have found 3 cycles back to back make the milk creamier and more concentrated. Doing that helps me get away with not soaking the almonds – although I do wash them well to get rid of any gunk, and get a thicker consistency for my milk.

Almond Cow review, nut milk machine, homemade nut milk

Almond Cow is a sustainable and zero-waste solution for fellow nut milk aficionados. Just imagine the innumerable store-bought plastic and carton containers that can be saved by using a nut milk maker.

Almond Cow review, nut milk machine, homemade nut milk

All parts of the nuts are utilized when making milk as any leftover pulp can be used up in various ways. The Almond Cow website is filled with plant-based milk ideas, as well as plenty of creative and mouth-watering recipes that utilize left over pulp. I tend to keep it simple though and incorporate my leftover almond in my ultimate almond porridge, which makes it more dense and filling.

This is not a sponsored post, just wanted to share the love!

Almond Cow review, nut milk machine, homemade nut milk

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