Best linen clothing brand Nature Hedonist

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I may wear a full face of makeup if I feel like it, but I never bother to carry a mirror or products in my purse to retouch it – I know that my lipstick will fade when I eat, but I can’t bother to reapply it. I’m more organic and fluid than structured and immaculate, so try as I might, I never manage to stay looking well kept no matter how much I want to. In that sense, I feel linen, with its fluidity and wrinkle-prone appearance, embodies me as a person…and that might explain why I’m so drawn to wearing it.

All linen is not made equal, and I have had my fare share of shirts over the years that are too scratchy or stiff to be worn comfortably. However, since I have came across Nature Hedonist, I have not had the urge to scout out or purchase linen clothing from another brand. On the contrary, I still wear the first pieces I purchased from them during Covid lockdown and I keep going back for more.

Best linen clothing brand Nature Hedonist

Nature Hedonist is a sustainable and slow clothing brand born in Dubai, and founded by the sweetest souls, Julia and Gulnar. The brand caters to people’s desire to feel good wearing stylish clothes irrelevant of the weather. Breathable material like linen is a godsent for humid UAE summers – jeans, tight and synthetic clothing prove to be pretty cumbersome and stifling, but linen clothing retains heat in winter so can be easily layered for colder weather too!

Best linen clothing brand Nature Hedonist

Not only is it temperature-regulating as a material, but linen is quite unique in essence. It is not structured like cotton or flowy like silk, and the movement it creates is quite fluid and sexy. Linen is however underestimated in design since it is more challenging to work with compared to other fabrics. It is less predictable when cutting as there are lots of space between the fiber threads in comparison to more tightly woven fabric. Also, the color palette of linen clothing is usually very limited and it is rare to see them done in bright colors.

Best linen clothing brand Nature Hedonist

Linen is a highly sustainable fabric. Taking cotton as a baseline, flax, the crop that produces linen, is more resistant to variability in weather conditions as well as requires way less irrigation, less human intervention and less space in agricultural areas. Also, all parts of the flax plant are utilized, so it can be thought of as a zero-waste plant. To top it off, linen cloth production is still primitive and only requires the use of chemicals in the end in the color-fixing phase.

Best linen clothing brand Nature Hedonist

Nature Hedonist clothing are easy to wear on a daily basis and very versatile; they can be worn casually or elegantly. They appeal to people from all walks of life, whether they are modest, minimalists, slow fashion lovers or high-end fashionistas. From the fine material to the well-cut silhouettes of their pieces all the way to the pearl buttons, the brand’s attention to detail is highly evident. The quality of Nature Hedonist fabric is superior to other linen brands in the market, and just like fine wine, their pieces age well – even with consistent wear, they will last in my closet for years to come…

P.S. Nature Hedonist ships worldwide!

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