Color Switch Solo_s

How many times have you attempted to create an eye look that you envisioned to come out so great but ended up coming out messy because you didn’t have enough clean brushes on hand? A recent discovery I made is the Color Switch Solo and I must admit it’s a pretty genius idea! It’s great for use with everyday looks but it also enables you to create sophisticated eye looks, using a lot of colors, with a minimal number of brushes!

It consists of a container with a black sponge in it, which you use to rub your brushes on to clean. No matter how dirty the eye shadow brush is, or how dark the color used on it, all it takes is a couple of sways of the brush against the sponge and it’s clean and ready to be used again with another color!

My eyes are quite sensitive and thankfully using the Color Switch does not irritate them. It is easy to use and pretty cheap for what it is. Also, sponge refills can be bought easily. The only criticism I have is its size – it doesn’t take up that much counter space, however I wish a smaller, more travel-friendly version would come out as well.

I bought the Color Switch Solo from Alshop.

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