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Having curly hair, I’ve had my phase of “not bothering to brush my hair to keep it from frizzing up” but have then regretted it after attempting to detangle it for what seemed like an hour and a lot of painful tugging. Since then, I only brush my hair after showers if I’m keeping it curly or every day if I blow dry it to give it shine and help it reclaim some shape.

I picked up my Mason Pearson brush from Belgium last October, and I’m officially in love. I have been mocked by my friends for shelling out so much money for a…hair brush, but according to Mason Pearson, it is supposed to last you a lifetime if it’s taken care of properly. That alone justifies the price for me, apart from the fact that the quality is superb, it feels very luxurious, and it brushes my hair gently without any unnecessary tugging. It also leaves my hair feeling smooth, shiny and devoid of frizz.

There are various versions and sizes of Mason Pearson hairbrushes that suit different hair types. Having medium thick hair, I went for the mix between nylon and boar bristles, in the medium size. Although the larger size is more popular, I decided this would be more travel-friendly.

Which is your favorite of the Mason Pearson brushes?

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