WG The Face Set_s

Wayne Goss The Face Set brushes are the softest and most beautiful brushes I have ever laid eyes and hands upon. I love that they are very versatile – this is the lowdown on how I like to use them

Brush 10: This is not your typical duo-fiber brush. For one, it is way better looking than the duo-fiber brushes I’ve seen in the market, and except for the fact that it was shedding like crazy when I first started using it, I am absolutely in love with this brush. I use it apply liquid foundation – it buffs it into the skin very smoothly for a very natural finish.  

Brush 11 – Large: This brush is perfect for applying bronzer or setting powder all over the face.

Brush 12 – Large: With its straight edge, I find this brush perfect for contouring the face with powder. It deposits the right amount of product and blends it into the face very softly.

Brush 13 – Small: I use this brush to apply cream contouring products. As dense as it is, it does not move the makeup beneath it. It is technically supposed to be used for applying mineral, liquid and cream foundations but I have yet to use it for that purpose.

Brush 14 – I was very hesitant about this one when I first saw the collection. It looks too flimsy to apply blush properly but when I put it to the test I realized how wrong I was! Its soft bristles deposit just the right amount of blush on the cheeks without the risk of making it look overdone.

Brush 15: This is the best fan brush I have ever used! Unlike typical fan brushes, this one’s bristles are firm enough to pick up product properly but soft enough for diffused application.

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