Glass Nail Files_s

This is a genius invention! Glass Nail files, also known as Crystal Nail files, are the new generation of nail files – they are less intimidating than the ones we’ve been used to, and in my opinion, fare much better. For one, I usually really hate using a traditional emery board or steel nail file – to me it’s akin to rubbing nails on a chalkboard! However, the texture of the glass files is much smoother and can be used to file nails in all directions in comparison to emery boards, which are only meant to be used in one direction. They supposedly seal in the edges of the nails to prevent breakage, making it perfect for thin and brittle nails.

A glass file does not need to be replaced as often as a traditional file; it has a lifespan of about one year. It can be easily washed with soap and water and taking care of it will prolong its life. The only disadvantage I see for glass files is that they break easily when dropped, that’s why keeping them in their protective cases or sleeves is a must! Even though I’ve broken my fair share of glass files, I still end up looking for another one – that’s how much I am in love with them!

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