Delivery and postpartum issues wreak havoc on a woman’s physical and emotional well-being…but nothing that some retail therapy can’t numb! A recent 20% Black-member discount was timed just right for a long-overdue Sephora trip. Gucci products were the highlights of my purchases and a preview of my new acquisitions will be the debut of my postpartum blog roll ๐Ÿ™‚

I have a weakness for earthy tones, in all forms. Iconic Gold (left) and Cocoa (right) stole my heart, but i have to say that Moonstone (middle) is my favorite. It’s perfect for a wash of color all over the lid, and the hint of shimmer gives off an ethereal summery touch to it! IMG_1253IMG_1252 For lipsticks I went for (from left to right) Aegean Pink, Iconic Reds and Fever (shown below). While pink and coral are to celebrate the beginning of Dubai’s summer heat wave, I’m most excited about the timeless reds…they share the same name but differ in formula (Audacious and Luxurious lines). IMG_1262 IMG_1266 And finally, I bought some matching nail polishes – Iconic Red and Crushed Coral – but the star of my purchases would be Black Gold, with its unique air of grandeur and elegance… IMG_1276There’s a big chance I will end up at the Gucci counter again on my next shopping spree! The packaging is as much eye candy as the colors themselves and the help I got while buying was truly exceptional. Rawad, the brand’s sales representative at Sephora Dubai Mall,ย gave me his undivided attention and was extremely patient as I picked my products, even staying after his shift ended to make sure I had what I needed. Gucci might have easily climbed the ladder on my list of favorite makeup brands…what are your favorite Gucci products? Any suggestions on what to buy next?

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