Shiffa Healing Balm_s (2)

Shiffa is a Dubai-based line predominantly known for its natural and holistic approach to skincare. I was first introduced to it at Sephora Dubai Mall and I have since tried a couple of products from the brand. The Healing Balm is what has really stood out for me. I had been using the Dermalogica Barrier Repair moisturizer during the summer but decided to switch to the Healing Balm during winter. I find it very hydrating and multifunctional. It’s perfect as a makeup base or a night cream. It works wonders on pimples, scars, and blackheads – I have noticed a tremendous decrease in all three since I started using this on a daily basis.

The balm is of a waxy consistency. Only a bit more than a rice grain is needed at a time, especially for skin that tends to be oily – I rub the product between my fingers and apply it to my face. That, along with the all-natural ingredients used, justifies the above-average price tag for me.

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