8-4-2015_s_1  I was ever so curious to try out the Foreo Luna devices – but it took me a while to jump on the bandwagon. First of, my skin is bipolar. No, really! Combination to oily, acne prone AND sensitive. I’m sure it’s not a common combination to come by! For those of you familiar with the Foreo Luna models (Ultrasensitive, Sensitive/Normal, Combination), you would understand my hesitance to shell out 900 AED on a device that might not work on my skin. I bought the Ultra-sensitive thinking it would be great for acne prone skin as well. I have to say it worked for a week or two – my skin felt extra smooth and clean, but the blackheads on my nose were still very much there. In hindsight, I should’ve expected that, as the Ultra-sensitive one has a smooth surface, in comparison with the nodules the other versions have to aid in decongesting the skin.


So curious me decided to buy the mini version (630 AED). I have been using it for three weeks now and I really like it. The cleansing side is identical to that of the Sensitive/Normal Foreo Luna, while the other side has the larger nodules for harder to reach areas instead of an anti-aging surface. It definitely does a better job at removing blackheads, but it’s still gentle enough for me to use twice a day.


What’s the difference between the Foreo devices and the Clarisonic you ask?

I have reviewed the Clarisonic in depth, and I still love it very much. Both devices exfoliate the face, but I have to say the Foreo can be more gentle. I cannot get away with using the Clarisonic twice a day, every day, without it over-drying my face and breaking me out – well unless I’m using the Cashmere head, which I don’t feel cleanses deeply. In addition to the extra cost of brush head replacements, the brush heads have a tendency to smell if they are not dried properly after every use, which I confess I’m having trouble doing. On the other hand, the fact that the Clarisonic has interchangeable heads is a life-saver when skin acts up, or decides to go bipolar with any change of the weather.

The verdict? 

They are both great products. If you’re looking for a tool you can use daily AND your skin is pretty consistent, go for the Foreo. Otherwise, the Clarisonic is probably a great better option for you.

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