Heaven SOS Oil

I bought this on a whim while getting a pedicure at The Nail Spa a while back; I didn’t know then I was going to get hooked to it so bad! Pedicures never lasted me more than a week before – constantly wearing open shoes takes a toll on my skin, drying it like no other. I kid you not, a week after a pedicure my feet look like they have been neglected for a month or more! Enter this ‘heavenly’ oil, pun intended. I massage the tiniest of drops onto and around my nails every night before I sleep, and the skin is kept conditioned and well-maintained until my nails grow long and I need another pedicure. For some reason, I’m not as diligent when it comes to my manicures, maybe because polish chips much faster and nails break easier, ruining the whole manicured effect.

Heaven SOS Oil is supposed to be good for curing pimples and healing skin as well, but I only have experience with using it to extend the life of pedicures so far…will post an update if that changes…

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