So I’ve been MIA for a while and I’ll tell you why…no one told me about sleep regression before, and I’m on my second child! For the past month, my little one (now 4 months!) has forfeited her 9 hour sleep at night for a MAXIMUM of 4 hours at a stretch, which has created a sleep-deprived, brain-dead and very irritable monster out of me….Let’s hope this really is a phase that will pass soon because I just CAN’T do this anymore!

Sorry for the rant, on to the fun stuff!

Considering I put a lot of chemicals on my face everyday, I wanted to try more natural deodorants while I was pregnant – but for the life of me, I couldn’t find one that really kept B.O at bay! I kid you not, I had 6 deodorants lined up in my bathroom not too long ago, and I wasn’t happy with any one of them. Just when I kind of gave up and went back to my trusty Rexona Motion Sense Cotton Dry,ย I stumbled upon theย Purple Swan stall at Ripe Market. Two ladies were selling their all-natural products and one offered to try the deodorant on my hand, just so I can get a feel of it. I was in a hurry (2 nagging kids is not my idea of fun) and quite frankly very skeptical, but I thought to myself, why not? Little did I know that this was going to be the best 50 dhs I have spent in a long time!

I was SO surprised to find out how will this Purple Swan All Natural Deodorant worked – it kept me feeling and smelling fresh all day! When it passed the half-day mark I knew I found myself a winner, but I also wanted to try it properly before I could officially give it my seal of approval. I curbed my enthusiasm and tried it for 2 full months and here’s my verdict: it’s a godsend – definitely HG material! It’s not supposed to be an antiperspirant, so I expected the feeling of wetness after a hurried walk to pick my son up from nursery for example, which I don’t mind. I wasn’t looking for something that blocked my pores…The ONLY disadvantage this deodorant has is how easy it is to over-apply it, which causes excess product to kind of ball up and stain clothes. The solution is to apply just the right amount and maybe wait for it to fully dry before getting dressed – or just buying the deodorant in it’s other form, where you just dip into a jar with your hands to apply it. I opted for stick form so I don’t have to wash my hands after applying it everytime. Practical is my middle name, haha!

Unfortunately, I think this brand is exclusive to the UAE* for now, but I urge you to try it if you’re living here and like your skincare to be all natural and organic. I would love to try more of the brand’s range now that I know how well the deodorant works…

Have you tried any Purple Swan products?

*For purchases in the UAE:

Rita Jivani – 050 6506039

Mala Bhatia – 055 4511093






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