img_3960I stumbled upon Dahab Cosmetics on Instagram once and I directly fell for the names of their products; Beirut, Lebanon, Syria, Dubai, Dxb, Egypt, Kuwait – you get the drift! I waited for their Black Friday sale and I went all out. I bought 8 of their Ultra Matte Lip Stains in (L to R) Ari, DXB, Phoenicia, Cleopatra, Beirut, Babylon, Fairuz and Rolo and 6 of their lipliners (L to R) in Lebanon, Kuwait, Egypt, Qatar, Syria and Dubai.

Upon first inspection, I couldn’t believe how vivid the colors of the Lip Stains were and how dull the lipliners looked in comparison. Nevertheless, I gave each and everyone of them a chance. The verdict?ย I have to say as much as I love the colors and find the names to be creative and close to home, I find the formula for the lip stains to be thick and tacky, which causes them to crack and peel off in patches after a while. I definitely did not find them to be as long-lasting as they are claimed to be. The lip pencils are on the dry side and they don’t glide on the lips as well as creamier ones would.


I tried using different methods to make the lip stains work, to no avail…I was extremely disappointed with Dahab Cosmetics products. However, since I loved all the colors so much, I would be willing to try them again if they ever reformulate their products…




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