I feel like I am somewhat well-versed in the makeup realm, but felt like a complete novice when I stumbled upon a name I had not heard before, Michelle Phan. Oh the shame! After a quick search, I found out that Michelle is a celebrity in the makeup world, who basically took a year off to rethink life and relaunch her line with L’oreal, EM, as her own brand, EM Cosmetics. I was intrigued by my discovery – the person, the philosophy behind the brand, and the actual products themselves, so I patiently waited for the launch of the brand to get my hands on her products…IMG_9693-4

Apparently Michelle’s old Em collection included all the work, but this time around she downsized it to include lipsticks and eyeliners only. She came out with 1 lipstick formula, the Infinite Lip Clouds, and 3 different Illustrative Eyeliners, the Felt Tip, the Brush Tip and the Matte Gel Pencil. I opted for six different Lip Cloud shades as well as the Felt Tip and Gel Pencil eyeliners.

From left to right: Faded Clementine, Crimson Red, Violent Magenta, Muted Mauve, Rose Nude and French Nude

When I first tried the Lip Clouds I knew I found my dream lipsticks…The formula is soft and airy, so they feel like nothing on the lips! They remind me of the Giorgio Armani Lip Maestro lipsticks but they actually dry down matte, so there’s no bleeding or color transfer, which were my main issues with them. The Lip Clouds last longer than your average lipstick, and when they do start to fade, they don’t leave you with that dreaded lip-liner effect, but with a subtle hint of color – a stain. I fell in love with Faded Clementine, and I wore it practically all summer long! I also really like Crimson Red, Muted Mauve and Rose Nude. I have to say that the only issue I have with the Lip Clouds is that the darker colors are a bit streaky, as shown in the picture above, and would fare better above a lip liner or worn layered.


Same colors as above but shown in indoor lighting.

You guys all know by now that the AOM Cosmetics Extreme Art Liner Pen is my holy-grail liner, so I opted for the liquid Illustrative Eyeliner in Felt Tip instead of Brush Tip. The Felt tip is actually very easy to use, very black, long-lasting and does not transfer on me, even though I have oily and hooded eyelids. I always wear eye primer though so I’m sure that also helps. The Gel Matte Pencil is very creamy, black and long-lasting too. I’m quite impressed with both of them and wouldn’t mind repurchasing them at all!

Illustrative Eyeliner in Felt Tip and Gel Matte Pencil

Unfortunately, EM Cosmetics still does not shop internationally, but that’s why I love my Shop and Ship account! Tell me, would you be trying anything from the brand? Oh, and can someone recommend a really good pencil sharpener?

12 replies on “EM Cosmetics – Infinite Lip Clouds and Illustrative Eyeliners review

  1. Love the post! As someone who loves make up as well, this was a well written review. I have watched Michelle Phan since 2009/2010 and I have supported her videos very much. Definitely looking forward to reading more reviews from you!

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  2. Amazing review!! I think I’ll be getting my hands on the eyeliner very soon!!

    Amazing post btw 💕

    If you’re interested I have a guide on how to make a perfect winged liner on my blog. I think you’ll like it 💕

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