I started my blog as a hobby while pregnant with my son and 3 years into it I have come to realize that the blogging scene in Dubai is not my thing. I’m not into the pretentious, branded life. I’m selective with the events I attend, my reviews are always honest and most of all, I don’t buy brands – I buy quality products that resonate with my essence. When I attended The MiN NEW YORK event at Robinsons, I was very pleased to know that the brand and its founder do just that; they resonate with me. It is very refreshing to know that there ARE brands and people out there that are congruent with my philosophy.


On the brand

The MiN NEW YORK boutique in SoHo houses niche and luxury perfumes, catering to a select audience – people who value luxury and refuse to succumb to the syndrome of sameness that is plaguing the masses.

MiN stands for the ‘New York minute’, an expression of a quick moment that has come to indicate the fast-paced nature of time in New York. In the Arab world, the word ‘min’ means ‘from’, so MiN New York would stand for ‘from New York’, which I guess would still be congruent with the band’s essence!


On Chad

Chad Murawczyk, the founder of MiN New York, introduced himself as ‘the works of a university professor and a Cuban immigrant’. He described life as an accumulation of moments, and his aim is to enhance the moments people live through his products. As he likes to put it, “the world does not need more products, just better products.” He does not view himself as a perfumer, but more of “a designer, a product developer, a thinker, a tinkerer and [a listener]”. Having worked with a curated selection of perfume brands for years, he felt he wanted to create perfume that would have the ability to transcend moments and transport the wearer to a higher spiritual realm.

Listening to Chad as he introduced his brand had me smiling inside and out, nodding in agreement. The alignment of his philosophy and his self radiates out, and that to me is a recipe for success. Candid, he is not afraid to put himself out there – he was openly speaking out about his vulnerabilities, and how he defied the norms and trends throughout his life, especially while creating Scent Stories. He speaks my language – niche, magic, rebellion, individuality, words, inspiration, stubbornness, transcending moments, and most importantly, scent.


On Scent Stories

As expected from a luxury, niche brand, only high quality raw material are used and the concept of each perfume is handed over to perfumers in Grasse to help materialize it into reality. The glass bottles are made in the same factory where Chanel perfume bottles are manufactured; they are dark to protect the perfume from light which helps preserve it. The wooden magnetic caps seem to hover over the bottles, but are sturdy enough to be used to pick them up.

A whiff of each of the MiN NEW YORK perfumes has proven to be like nothing else I’ve encountered on my niche olfactory journey. Each scent was made to evoke different feelings and memories, to transcend time, to escape the confines man puts on himself…

My favorites are Long Board, Ad Lumen, Plush and the best-seller, Coda.








If you fancy losing yourself in unique and magical fragrances, head to Robinsons, Bloomingdales, Galeries Lafayette and Le BHV Marais to test MiN NEW YORK Scent Stories perfumes out for yourselves!










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