20180513-IMG_5242I made a major discovery back in March – Biologique Recherche is sold here in Dubai! I was over the moon! I was finally going to get my hands on their famous products and get to try them myself. After taking a consultation appointment at Ambassade de la Beaute, my skin was inspected by one of the specialists there and the products shown above were recommended to me. I paid a small fortune and head out to try one of the most-talked-about luxury skincare brands.

I was never a fan of milky cleansers, but the Lait VIP O2 effectively cleans my face and leaves my skin feeling balanced and moisturized – without leaving any residues behind. It is a genius formula and I would totally recommend it for combination to oily and sensitive skin like mine. I use it twice a day, massaging it gently for a minute on my face before rinsing off. Although I double-cleanse at night, I don’t like feeling like I’m wasting this cleanser by using it twice (as a makeup remover and cleanser).

Lotion P50W is the Lotion P50 version for sensitive skin and it is seriously the most potent/effective chemical exfoliant I’ve tried. It gently lifts off all the dead skin, helping to shrink pimples, blackheads and even cysts from the inside out. It leaves the skin so smooth after use, its effects are seriously addictive. I definitely notice the difference when I don’t use it for a couple of days.

Placenta Serum Authentique has a very watery consistency and smells vile, but is an essential step in the regime. It is meant to be used right after cleansing, and before eye cream. This one is a potent blend of ingredients that are great for clearing and brightening up the skin. As per the instructions, only 3 drops are needed for the whole face, neck and decollete, but I certainly feel I need more than that to cover all these areas.

Creme Contour des Yeux VIP can seriously deflate eye puffiness and lighten dark circles, which is quite essential with my two monkeys waking up before the sun rises every morning.

Creme Placenta is a potent day and night cream that is specifically formulated for acne-prone skin and scarring. It feels a bit heavy on the skin, although it does end up getting absorbed relatively fast without leaving any residues. I was hesitant about it, but after seeing how quick and amazing the results of the whole regime were, I continued using it day and night, just with a lighter hand during the day.

Creme Dermopurifiante – I only tried a sample of this and applied it at night. I found it to be very effective at calming down any inflamed pimples and balancing my oily skin. Definitely worth the purchase for skin like mine.

Protection U.V. – I received a sample of the sunscreen and I’m very happy I did not pay for it, as it is the only product that did not suit me. At SPF 25, it is adequate for daily use, but I felt it to be too heavy for my liking – it does absorb into the skin, but it causes it to become oily later. It may be better suited for dryer skin types and climates.

This Biologique Recherche regime erased any texture on my face, healed any active breakouts/small cysts from the inside out, shrunk the fat deposits under my eyes and generally left my skin looking bright and smooth. These products taught me that great skin is possible, and allowed me to go makeup free most days this summer. I would highly recommend visiting a spa that stocks the brand and getting a consultation – the products are pricey, but oh so worth it! Their results are seriously addictive!






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