20180723-IMG_5753Cleaning up my beauty routine came with a price – letting go of all conventional hair products, the ones I rely on and the countless ones that I had on my radar…because, let’s face it, all these miracle hair promises are irresistible.

I wanted all-natural hair products and all evidence led to TABITHA JAMES KRAAN. What appealed to me about the brand was that Tabitha James-Kraan, the person, knows a thing or two about hair so I was not sending my money into the deep abyss of ineffective products and green-washing brands. A hairstylist who owns her own salon, she took her time developing her products and tested them thoroughly before launching them.

Here are my thoughts on the products I picked up a couple of months ago:

Clean Shampoo |Golden Citrus|

I have mixed emotions about the shampoo. It doesn’t lather as much as conventional shampoos do, true – but it certainly cleans my scalp effectively. My only issue with it is that I need a substantial amount of product for it to do the job properly, so that’s not very economical.

Clean Conditioner |Golden Citrus|

The first time I used the conditioner, I left it on for 10 minutes, and when I wanted to rinse my hair, nothing really came out. I was quite baffled! The conditioner actually penetrates my hair and stays there, leaving my hair manageable without weighing it down. I have always suspected that conventional conditioners and hair products give me bacne, and I have to say that it has significantly improved after I started using this.

Organic 4 in 1 Conditioner |Amber Rose|

This is a very versatile product – I love that I can use it on wet or dry hair, and before I blow-dry my hair or even after to tame any frizz. It never weighs my hair down or makes it feel greasy; it just makes it very soft.  Also, the Amber Rose scent happens to be my favorite from the brand so using this 4 in 1 conditioner is always a treat for my senses.

I will definitely be repurchasing these products, this time in the largest size available! I am also itching to try the rest of her products, including the Amber Rose Organic Scented Hair Oil and Hair Perfume as well as the Organic Dry Shampoo for Dark Hair.

Tabitha James-Kraan products are sold worldwide, and I was happy to find out the brand is sold in the UAE at Sisters Beauty Lounge and online at Balm Essence.

UPDATE: I met Tabitha James Kraan!

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