20190108-img_7168Most niche green/clean beauty brands are developed to be solutions to their founders’ own health struggles, and I believe this is what makes them so genuinely effective. A tribute to Swedish botanist and physician Carl Von Linne, Linne Botanicals was founded on Jenna Levine’s love for making natural skincare, her psoriasis-prone skin and her sister’s struggles with dry but acne-prone skin. Her products are based on her studies of botany and herbal medicine, along with anatomy and alternative healing disciplines such as Ayerveda, yoga and Chinese medicine.

I tried the travel-sized full kit from the brand – I thought it would be the best way to experience all the line without having to break the bank!


For the face:

I.b PURIFY Face Wash

A clay-based face wash, I felt it dried my skin out after using, but applying the rest of the routine injects  all the needed hydration and moisture back in the face so it was not a big issue for me. Having said that, it is really good at cleansing the skin and helping reduce blemishes and blackheads. I found it to be really helpful for my oily, acne-prone skin.

II.a SCRUB Face Mask

This 2-in-1 product is great for exfoliating and brightening up the skin. It contains bamboo silica for manual exfoliation and natural alpha-hydroxy containing ingredients, such as sugar cane, sugar maple, and citrus extracts, for enzymatic exfoliation. I first massage it onto my face then leave it on as a mask for a while before rinsing it off. It leaves the skin soft and smooth.


This face mist was the first to run out, but it’s size was perfect for travelling. I can’t really comment on its effects, but I can honestly say it smells amazing and was a pleasure to use!


IV.a RENEW Face Serum

This is another product that I can’t really comment on its effects just because I haven’t used it alone as it is meant to be sandwiched between other products– used after the Face Mist and before the Face Oil. I just think of it as a delivery system for the subsequent oil used, which is important to me. It actually absorbs fast without leaving any orange residues 🙂

V.a REPAIR Face Oil

Although this product does not claim to heal acne, I was secretly hoping it would. My acne spots did not become worse but didn’t really improve, though it could easily be due to the nature of my pimples. I’m prone to cystic acne, especially around the jawline, and these pesky uninvited visitors don’t heal easily.

However, it is quite moisturizing and a pleasure to use as a night oil – its repairing effects might just need more time to be more visible.

V.b BALANCE Face Oil

The Balance Face Oil lives up to its name – it is great at moisturizing combination to oily skin without any feeling of heaviness. On the contrary, it absorbs into the skin quite easily and is great for use under makeup!

For the body:

I.a ACTIVATE Body Wash

The smell of the Activate Body Wash is just divine, and makes the simple ritual of washing the body feel more luxurious. Plus, there’s something very satisfying about seeing sooty water going down the drain after using it. I love how it effectively cleans my dry skin without causing any tightness, and it has helped calm down the active pimples. I would love to try this in full-size to see if it heals all my acne and acts as a preventative measure as well.


V.c SMOOTH Body Balm

I really liked the scent of this body balm, it’s smells very ‘green’ and refreshing. I use it right after I take a shower, when my skin is still damp, and I feel like it truly moisturizes and locks in hydration without leaving any residue. I have really dry skin so saying that is quite something! I actually never imagined I would like a body balm this much, especially since I’m not a fan of jar packaging, but if I had to choose a favorite product from the brand it has to be this!

The Linne Botanicals line transforms the mundane task of taking care of skin into an aromatic and luxurious experience, and I cannot wait to try some of their products in full-size!

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