Ayuna shampoo bar review, Ayuna Less is Beauty shampoo bar review

If you’ve been following me for a while, you know that I had found the one organic and clean shampoo brand that works for my hair, and my scalp has been so grateful for this auspicious discovery that it actually rebels against any new shampoo brand I try to sample. So I lay low for years, staying faithful to what works – it made me and my scalp genuinely happy. Then I heard Ayuna came up with a shampoo bar, and I was intrigued – I had been using their Nourishing Artisan Soap for a couple of years and can attest to how well it works, so I figured it would be the best brand to initiate my delve into the solid shampoo realm. Spoiler alert, I was not mistaken, and my scalp and I are in love!

Ayuna shampoo bar review, Ayuna Less is Beauty shampoo bar review

I have coarse, long and thick hair, and Ayuna Shampoo bar has proven to be very effective at cleansing my hair and scalp, without stripping them dry. I find that I still need to use conditioner though someone with finer hair may feel the shampoo bar is sufficiently creamy. It lathers well and smells true to all Ayuna products.

Ayuna shampoo bar review, Ayuna Less is Beauty shampoo bar review

The first bar I bought lasted me 4 months of 2 washes a week, so a total of about 35 washes. I feel I can squeeze more washes out of it if I change the soap dish I am using for it to dry quicker in between uses and minimize wastage. I also am definitely heavy-handed with product application in general, so there is a learning curve to how much product I should lather on my head. In general, I am thrilled with how well my experience with my first shampoo bar went, and the fact that it is made by Ayuna makes it even more of a luxurious and sensory experience. I love the zero-waste aspect of it as well as its small footprint in my bathroom. I have actually opened a new one, and bought a backup – this product has found a place in my heart!

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