Wayne Goss Brushes

I have been obsessed with Wayne Goss for years now. His transparency, uniqueness in tips and overall professionalism is akin to none. Naturally, I was drawn to his brushes too. I have been obsessed ever since I bought my first set, The Collection. I have finally bought the rest – Brow, Eye and limited edition Anniversary Sets. Just a mere glimpse of them shows how elegant the craftsmanship is…feast your eyes!

The Brow Set

Wayne Goss - The Brow SetThe Eye SetWayne Goss - The Eye SetThe Anniversary Set

Wayne Goss - The Anniversary SetNow I’m just missing the Holiday Brush!!!

4 replies on “A quick glimpse of Wayne Goss Brushes; The Anniversary Set, The Brow Set and The Eye Set

  1. I have been eyeing his brushes for a while now. I don’t know how it compared to real technique, they are easier to get hold of for me. My stippling brushes have turned into a wild kabuki brush now though.


    1. Haha your comment made me laugh! Honestly they’re on another level! They’re so much better and way more luxurious, you can’t even compare them 🙂


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