20160526_150539You guys I cannot contain my excitement! I have been literally waiting for like a year and a half for the Gucci Satin Matte Foundation to launch and it’s finally going to hit the stores in Dubai on September 1! I recently had the chance to try it and I cannot wait to get my hands on it! It stayed on my face ALL day, and you guys know by now I have combination to oily skin AND that the weather in Dubai is CRAZY hot and humid this time of the year. I think I can safely say Gucci is my go to high-end brand for makeup, and they have yet to disappoint! The foundation will eventually be available in 18 shades (with some exclusive to Dubai!) along with a matte powder as well, which comes in 6 shades. Unfortunately, I will be in Lebanon the day they launch, but I know exactly where I’m going the same day I arrive back home!

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20 replies on “First Impressions: Gucci Satin Matte Foundation

  1. Thank you so much for sharing, I need to try this foundation, I love matte. I too have combination skin, hopefully I love it as much as you 😊 have a safe trip to Lebanon!


  2. Oh I need this in my life! I was recently the maid of honor at a wedding in Bosnia and my makeup literally melted of my face within minutes after applying it. The makeup artist was panicking, although it wasn’t his fault. It was almost 40 degrees Celsius. Sooo getting this when it launches in Sweden.

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  3. Wow! I never knew that Gucci made makeup!! Have to get it now. The foundation I am using right now is Teint d’Idole by Lancome. Also an absolutely amazing foundation. Great post, hun!

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