Disclaimer: I was kindly gifted these products for my honest review and consideration.

I have to say I was first drawn to the brand by the combination of its Arabic name and luxurious packaging. An Italian brand with a Moroccan name, Fedua was established in 2015, 3 years after the founder, Luca Gonzini, visited Morocco and was inspired to come up with a nail polish line.

From top, clockwise: Fedua Wine Red, 7 Day Top Coat, Argan Base, Cashmere

With its discernible resemblance to a paint can, Fedua’s distinct and intriguing packaging is a tribute to the founder’s family history in paint making. However, more important than the packaging and vibrant colors is the gel-effect, long-lasting formula that is 7-free, meaning that the products do not contain 7 known toxic ingredients: DBP, Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin, Camphor, Toluene, Xilene, or Metiletilchetone. Moreover, the concentration of pigments in the formula make the colors homogeneous, and the well-designed bristles give a streak-free application.

There’s something very soothing about doing my own nails, and with my recent switch to toxic-free products, these polishes have been the only ones that I have reached out for in the past 4 months. They have the wide brushes, which are actually the only ones I know how to apply with, so that’s a big plus. I’ve only tried the polishes in conjunction with the brand’s Argan Base and 7 Day Top Coat so I’m not sure how they would work otherwise. I have had Cashmere last on my nails for 2 weeks straight with no chipping at all, but I have to say Wine Red’s longevity is less in comparison.

Fedua also offers professional gel polish that is claimed to be “the thinnest and finest gel polish in the world.” I’m not into gel polish, but with the brand’s history and high-end clientele which include Bulgari Hotel Spas and Aldo Coppola salons, I don’t have a doubt they live up to the claim, and I might just go try them soon!

Now that Spring is around the corner, I am very excited to discover more vibrant colors from the brand. With their luxe, distinct packaging and non-toxic formula, Fedua Ultimate Gel-Effect Polishes make a unique gift for any woman! In the UAE, they are available on Balmessence.

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