Kjaer Weis Foundation review

A beautiful marriage of organic ingredients and sustainable, minimalist packaging, Kjaer Weis is the epitome of luxury in the green and conscious beauty world. I’ve been using their Cream Foundation for around 6 months now and I’m very impressed with it.

Although it is a cream foundation, it actually has a semi-matte finish, which in my opinion is not very common and a feat on its own. All the other cream foundations that I’ve tried tend to make my skin look oily shortly after application, but when set properly this one gives me decent longevity. It can actually emphasize dry patches, so it is advised to prep the skin well before applying it. On a daily basis, I tend to apply the foundation only in areas that need evening out, like under the eyes, around the nose and on my chin; I only apply it all over my face on the occasions I would like to really unify my skin. It can be applied with fingers, brush or sponge but my favorite method is adding a few drops of a balancing face oil and applying with a brush, then going over the skin with a damp beauty blender. It provides buildable coverage – from sheer to medium when applied with a brush and high when applied with a beauty blender. However, I would not recommend applying with a beauty blender as I feel it tends to waste product on the long run.

Review of Kjaer Weis Cream Foundation in Illusion

Talking about waste, the packaging allows for refills, which is eco-friendly and cheaper for repurchases, making the initial investment in the product worthwhile. That said, it is quite heavy, but that same heaviness is what adds to its luxurious appeal.

Kjaer Weis Foundation review and showcasing samples from Integrity Botanicals

Purchasing foundation online is tricky, so I would recommend trying samples first. I personally tried ones from Integrity Botanicals, where they offer 3 free samples with every order, and The Detox Market, where 4 samples cost $7.99 + shipping. However, if you do not have a shipping account in the US, Alyaka ships to the UAE (for free!) and has a Kjaer Weis sample kit that includes 5 samples for £19, which can be redeemed against a Kjaer Weis product within 1 month of purchase!

Kjaer Weis Foundation swatches in Just Sheer, Illusion and Subtlety

I was able to find a close match for my skin tone in Illusion, which is described on the Kjaer Weis website as a warm, honey beige that is suitable for medium to medium dark skin with golden or olive undertones. I do think however that my perfect match would be a deeper shade of Subtlety, which is described to be suitable for medium skin with yellow/golden undertones. I have already purchased a refill in Illusion, but really hope that the brand would expand its shades more so I can get a more accurate shade match!

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