Going green and all natural meant I had to part ways with my reliable Rexona antiperspirant, and this was probably the hardest switch I had to do. I mean, who wants to risk being a stink bomb in public an hour or two after a shower? I religiously scoured the internet for reviews and ended up trying quite a few natural deodorants (and had to wash my armpits several times a day) before I found THE one.

Despite great reviews, the Vapour Beauty AER Next Level Deodorants did not work for me at all! Glad I had only tried the sample set from them to find out. For all other ones I tried, I purchased the full-size. The Aesop Deodorant Roll on was a big fail for me as well – it just didn’t keep BO at bay. Next, I simultaneously tried the Agent Nateur holi(stick) N3 Deodorant and the Schmidt’s Lavender and Sage deodorants; they both worked for a while, but I started noticing sensitivity if I use them after shaving, until it reached a point where it actually developed into a very irritating rash. The culprit? Baking soda. So I decided to go for Schmidt’s Lavender Tips, one of their sensitive versions, as I did notice better longevity from the brand in comparison to Agent Nateur. I have to say I liked it, and would have probably stuck to it if it did not stain all my clothes white! (The Lavender and Sage version, as well as the Agent Nateur one also cause stains).

By mere chance, I received a baking soda free sample of the Routine Cream Deodorant from Balmessence. I tried it for a couple of days and fell in love! I literally ordered a full-size one before my sample was over because I did not want to run out. I had found the one! Fast forward a few weeks and my husband was forced to dip into my deodorant jar because I had forgotten to replenish his antiperspirant stash – honest slip, I swear! He was initially finicky about shifting over to it with me because of the whole jar thing, and the price. After he tried it for a couple of days he actually made me return the 6 pack of antiperspirants that I had bought for him – true story. So I had to restock, and I went ahead and bought 6 more!

The Routine Cream Deodorant jar in the middle shows what 2 months of daily use looks like

Now the nitty-gritty details. Each jar costs 157.5 dhs and is supposed to last 2 to 3 months, depending on usage. It lasts me all day, and gets me through intense Roshi Ross workouts. The cherry on top? It does not stain my clothes. I’m seriously in love with it and will continue to repurchase until the brand comes out with a stick version, which would make applying it faster and probably more economical as well!

I seriously cannot recommend the Routine Cream Deodorant enough. In the US, buy Routine Cream Deodorant and use code FREE30 at checkout for free delivery for purchases more than 30$. If you are in the UAE and would like to try it, click here and use code OPD15 at checkout to avail 15% discount on the deodorants or anything else that is not already discounted. Code is valid till end of April.

Please share your thoughts with me if you try it. Happy shopping!

4 replies on “The best natural deodorant ever?

  1. I used to use a natural deodorant (I can’t remember the brand) & it was pretty effective, but after moving natural products were harder to come by, but I’ll have to look into Routine! It would be nice if they made a stick version.

    Tales of Belle


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