Henne Organics Luxury Lip Tint, Lip Exfoliator and Lip Serum Review

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I’m not sure what drove me to purchase the Lip Serum, my first Henne Organics product. Maybe it was the packaging and the 24K gold plated rollerball, so luxe and downright up my alley! Or maybe it was the brand’s claims of it strengthening the lips’ protective barrier or boosting its collagen production. I don’t know, but I’m sure glad I did!

I’ve never thought I would fall so hard for a lip serum, deem it Holy Grail material and buy a backup in so little time! This one smells amazing and absorbs fully in a couple of minutes. It keeps my lips looking smooth and healthy, and helps usually patchy lipstick go on smoothly. I reach out for it every day, even when I’m not wearing any makeup! It’s really that good, I cannot live without it.

After my experience with the Lip Serum, I knew I had to try more products from Henne Organics, so I chose the Nordic Berries Lip Exfoliator and the Luxury Lip Tint in Intrigue.

I am not usually a fan of lip scrubs – I used to think of them as a necessary evil; I need to use them to get even skin but they do not properly remove all the dry bits and I end up with raw areas and still uneven lips. Not to mention they are ‘unnecessarily’ expensive. There are a million and one DIY recipes for sugar lip scrubs and I always thought I should just go ahead and try making my own. I never did though, and I gave up on lip scrubs in general. However, my great experience with the Henne Organics Lip Serum drove me to try theirs, and it’s another game-changer for me. The scrub’s granules are not harsh, but feel kind of coated with something instead – so they don’t aggravate my lips, but they effectively exfoliate all the dry bits. My lips are left feeling SO smooth after I use it.

The Luxury Lip Tint in Intrigue is a pleasure to use. It deposits an even, translucent wash of brick reddish color on the lips, and leaves them feeling emollient. The shine decreases as it absorbs into the lips, leaving a tint, just a hint of color. I love using it on the daily, it is always in my bag. I now want to try it in Coral and Bare as well!

Swatch and review of Henne Organics Luxury Lip Tint in Intrigue

I have my eyes on the Lip Mask and the Lip balm next, I am sure they won’t disappoint!

I purchased all above Henne Organics items from Alyaka – they ship worldwide, and offer free shipping to the UAE!

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