Ayuna velo review


Ayuna is one of my favorite clean beauty brands; it is as effective as it is luxurious. I was introduced to it over a year ago and I have fallen madly in love with all of the products I have tried from them, except one. The Facial High/Low, Cream, Cream II and Balm have all become staples in my routine, but the initial launch of Velo did not sit so well with me.

I had issues with its packaging and formula. The product squeezed out messily and I had to stand it upside down so it did not leak. Formula-wise, it was a bit greasy and did not hold up well in humid weather. Turns out I was not the only one who was not thrilled with it. Ayuna listened to people’s thoughts and took action, and when I was offered to try the upgraded version I was very grateful and curious to find out what has changed.

Ayuna Velo review, Ayuna velo relaunched
Ayuna Velo 6-in-1 Suprastratum Protection: relaunched version on the left

For one, the packaging is much sleeker. It also applies easily with no leaks or explosive bursts. The consistency of the new formula is less runny and more opaque than the previous version. It also absorbs completely into the skin, without leaving any residues or feeling heavy.

The new Velo 6-in-1 Suprastratum Protection is an ‘oil in water’ emulsion that turns into a ‘water in oil’ emulsion when activated (warmed up in hands) before application. According to Ayuna, this phase inversion allows Velo to spread evenly on the skin and feel silky without the use of silicones. It also makes it more water resistant, which helps it last longer on the skin. Ayuna refers to the results of the phase inversion as “unlocking the velvet”.

Ayuna Velo review - This is how much product you need to apply on your face. Warm it up between your hands to activate it before applying it to the face.
The correct amount of Ayuna Velo needed – warm it up between hands to activate it

Velo transcends your average BB or CC cream. Think of it as an ultra luxurious day cream that helps enhance the skin by providing barriers against 6 environmental stressors, or exposomes:

  • Anti-Pollutant Barrier protects against pollutants and toxic metals.
  • Antioxidant Barrier protects against free radicals from gases, solar radiation, smoking and pollution.
  • Light Barrier protects against UVA/UVB rays through non-nano titanium dioxide and zinc oxide without leaving a white cast. In fact, the iron oxides help even out the skin tone, but the coverage is not opaque and cannot be mistaken for foundation.
  • Water Barrier protects against dehydration and hot temperatures. It contains natural humectants, moisturizes the outer layer of the skin, accelerates cell repair and renewal, and has antimicrobial benefits.
  • Lipidic Barrier protects against dehydration and cold temperatures. It helps provide the skin with long-lasting moisture and reinforces its own lipid barrier.
  • Postbiotic Barrier protects against harmful bacteria and microorganisms while promoting the survival of beneficial ones.
Ayuna velo relaunched, Ayuna velo review
Ayuna Velo 6-in-1 Suprastratum Protection: new and old versions

The effects of Velo on my skin are literally unprecedented and contradictory in the best way possible. My skin is left feeling hydrated, supple, matte, velvety and radiant.

I absolutely love how Velo simplifies my morning routine – all I need to do is cleanse and apply it. It lightly helps unify my skin and tone down redness, so I don’t always wear makeup after it. When I do though, it LASTS. Not only that, Velo has even allowed me to wear cream blushes, which never ever usually stay on my combination to oily skin! So I would say it is the perfect primer for makeup too, especially if you’re looking for one without silicones. Velo does not clog my pores, and holds up well on my skin in humidity – I actually still see it on my face halo when I cleanse my skin at night after a long day!

I have to say though, after the first couple of days of using it, I noticed that it was pilling on me. I started panicking! I really wanted it to work for me, as everything else about it is amazing. I tried all the possible ways of using it to see if the pilling can be prevented. Turns out, all I need to do is warm it up more in my hands before I apply it. It also has the signature Ayuna scent, which I love, but it disappears after a bit. Here is my demonstration of applying Velo.

Ayuna Velo application

I have really never come across anything that compares to Velo, clean or not. It is a superb, unique and innovative product that I know I cannot live without. Ayuna is a luxurious clean brand that I happily invest in, and the newly relaunched Velo is on par with the rest of its products!

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