OM-SE review, OM-SE skincare review, OM-SE organic skincare review

OM-SE is a minimalist, natural skincare brand made in small batches in Sweden from 100% organic ingredients. Founded in 2020, this is the youngest natural skincare brand I have come across, but it is far from your average. With the myriad of natural, indie brands in the market, what sets this one apart from others I have tried is how effective the products are and how reflective these effects are of the descriptions presented on the packaging when reviewed retrospectively. In short, it has quickly become my favorite skincare brand as of late!

OM-SE review, OM-SE skincare review, OM-SE organic skincare review

I was kindly gifted the Complete Full-Size Set of OM-SE, and after my first use of the Face Cleansing Oil and their Linen Face Cloth, I knew this brand was special. The oil has the right viscosity to it, which rightfully alludes to castor oil but minus the stickiness factor, and the linen cloth is adept at removing all the makeup and sunscreen, while exfoliating with the perfect abrasion score, somewhere between a caress and a mild nail scrape. Using a face cloth with a cleansing oil or a balm is my favorite method for a first cleanse at night and I usually favor muslin cloths but this waffle linen weave has won me over big time!

OM-SE review, OM-SE skincare review, OM-SE organic skincare review, OM-SE Face Cleansing Oil review
OM-SE Face Cleansing Oil and Linen Face Cloth

I have combination to oily, sensitive and acne-prone skin and after using the whole OM-SE product range for two months now, my skin has been looking smooth and much more unified in tone, and redness has subsided considerably. I have not experienced any breakouts, which leads me to believe these products may help with curbing the hormonal acne that I usually suffer from. In fact, oil production has been regulated and I feel my makeup lasts longer on when I use the Balancing Face Oil before, while the Renewing Face Oil wakes me up to supple, well-rested skin and a brighter complexion.

OM-SE review, OM-SE skincare review, OM-SE organic skincare review, OM-SE Balancing Face Oil review
OM-SE Balancing Face Oil

I was initially using the Balancing Face Oil in the morning and the Renewing Face Oil at night, mixing a dropper full of oil with three sprays of the Hydrating Face Mist in the palm of my hand before patting the concoction all over my face and then massaging it all in. Jenny, the cofounder and formulator of OM-SE, suggested mixing both oils for a more customized regimen and I have found it takes my skin to another level of happiness, like I’m getting the best of both worlds all whilst having the concoction absorb into my skin faster.

OM-SE review, OM-SE skincare review, OM-SE organic skincare review, OM-SE Hydrating Face Mist review
OM-SE Hydrating Face Mist

I love the minimalist approach and aesthetics of the brand, as well as the packaging and the controlled droppers. There is no confusion or a multitude of steps when using OM-SE skincare, it is as simple as cleansing the skin while simultaneously exfoliating it, and moisturizing and hydrating it at the same time too. The oils are filled to the brim with active ingredients that have anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties and provide the skin with antioxidants, vitamins (including retinoic acid Vitamin A) as well as beneficial fatty acids.

OM-SE review, OM-SE skincare review, OM-SE organic skincare review, OM-SE Renewing Face Oil review
OM-SE Renewing Face Oil

I am more of a maximalist when it comes to applying products, thin layers and gauging minimal amounts of product are not my area of expertise – I love knowing that one click of the dropper is all I need to apply. I also love that they ship internationally, and that a subscription to OM-SE products helps regulate production and discounts their price.

OM-SE review, OM-SE skincare review, OM-SE organic skincare review

As a teenager, my skincare journey started with the dream of perfect skin that does not require foundation to look unified. This would probably mean different things to different people; to me it entails smooth, clear, even-toned skin with no pigmentation/redness or under-eye darkness. I was very (pleasantly) surprised to discover the OM-SE range gives me a close to perfect canvas for skin! In fact, the only other time I have had similar results was just before I learned about clean beauty, so I am very happy to report that not only is OM-SE effective, but it performs on par with a conventional luxury skincare brand I used to love…

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