Saie Beauty review, Saie mascara 101 review, Saie Brow butter review, Saie Slip cover review, Saie Slip Cover Swatches

Laney was one of the first few people I started following when I went all green and clean, so I naturally was very curious when she launched her own nontoxic and sustainable brand, and I have literally been using Saie Beauty since its inception…

Knowing I was not one to use lipgloss, I initially bought their Mascara 101 and Brow Butter, and can 100% say I have not used any other mascara ever since. I literally purchase several at a time; I have bought it for family and friends too, and it is always very well received. Mascara is typically advertised to provide one or a combination of either length, thickness or volume but never all three; and this is where Mascara 101 stands out! It can be easily built up without any clumping; it coats my lashes evenly, providing them with thickness and contrast. It also lengthens my lashes and lifts them, with the curl literally lasting all day! It is not waterproof, but it does not smudge, even though I have oily and hooded eyelids. It is not flakey, and most importantly, it is very easy to remove at the end of the day, without shedding my eyelashes in the process. It is also noteworthy to mention that the product does not dry up quickly, but I have to say I am always vigilant about refraining from vigorously pumping mascara wands, opting to dip in the wand again when needed instead. This is probably the most I have rambled about mascara, but it is just SO good – definitely Holy Grail material!

Saie Beauty review, Saie mascara 101 review, Saie Brow butter review
Saie Mascara 101 and Brow Butter

A no fuss product, Brow Butter grooms and provides naturally looking fuller eyebrows in seconds. I love how it helps fill up fine gaps and provides subtle contrast for my brows; it deposits color, and lightly creates hold allowing the eyebrow to maintain the shape it takes when styled. It is not matte, so it does leave the brows looking a tad bit shiny, but never stiff and uncomfortable. When Brow Butter first came out, I was using it in the shade Medium Brown. I liked the product but would have preferred a slightly darker and cooler shade for my now salt and pepper hair, so I was over the moon to know Saie came up with Deep Brown which I am currently using.

Saie Beauty review, Saie Slip cover review, Saie Slip cover swatches

As I have an affinity with tinted sunscreens, I knew I HAD to try the Saie Slip Cover when it first launched, and to say I am in love is an understatement. A tinted moisturizer and mineral sunscreen (Broad Spectrum SPF 35), it is the one product I used through out last winter here in Dubai. Once applied, it melts into the skin, adjusting to its tone and creating a beautiful non-cakey, natural-looking and light-coverage base for makeup. It leaves my skin looking like skin, instead of mat and flat, which I find myself leaning more towards these days. It is actually advertised as dewy, but it still works well on my combination to oily skin; I do have to set it with translucent powder, a necessary step in my routine year round. It does not congest my skin or break me out. I initially bought Slip Tint in shade 4, then bought shade 5 to mix with it as I felt it would be better suited for my skin tone. I am happy to report that Saie has just recently enhanced its shade range and I cannot wait to pickup their new 4.5!

I am also very keen on trying their bronzer, Sun Melt, which launched in summer along with a brush that came out with it. With my great experience with the brand so far, I would blindly purchase anything from Saie fully knowing I will 100% fall in love with the product. I would love to see them come up with liquid and pencil eyeliners. I am still on the lookout for the perfect clean ones, and I can already feel I would love theirs if they were ever to exist!

Saie Beauty review, Saie mascara 101 review, Saie Brow butter review, Saie Slip cover review, Saie Slip Cover Swatches

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