As much as I enjoy applying makeup, or trying out a new recipe for that matter, I absolutely cannot stand cleaning of any type or form – I rarely think of it as therapeutic! That was until I discovered a couple of important tools, and now I can honestly say I look forward to my brush cleaning sessions.

Sigma GloveSigma Glove - Eyes_s Sigma Glove - Face_s


Swirling brushes back and forth with soap (I use the Beauty Blender Cleanser) in my palm to clean them used to leave my hand wrinkly and irritated. Not only does the Sigma glove protect my hand, but its different textures on each side ensure all face and eye brushes are cleaned thoroughly. It comes in an array of colors, but I opted for classic black.

Benjabelle Sunflower Brush TreeBenjabelle Sunflower_s

Say goodbye to laying brushes flat on a towel, this is a genius way to hang brushes up-side-down to dry. It saves you the need to frequently flip the brushes andย ensures they are perfectly dry in no time! I went for the Sunflower, but there are several options to choose from, take your pick from

Sigma Dry’n Shape

Another genius way to dry brushes, especially when you’re on the go and taking the brush tree is not convenient. It doubles as a way to store clean brushes when you’re travelling, fitting a good variety. Just place each cleaned brush in a slot that fits it, making sure the bristles are properly tucked within the upper band, and the brush will be dry in 6 hours tops!

Note: I purchased the Sigma products from

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