Way before wading the waters of the all-natural and clean beauty realm, my sister-in-law who lives in Hungary brought me this gift, a generous trial set of Ilcsi products that catered to my skin type. Little did I know then that this gift was a prelude to my beauty preferences these days!

Founded in 1958, Ilcsi is an all-natural and organic family-owned Hungarian brand built upon the teachings of Aunt Ilcsi, a connoisseuse of the holistic beauty world.

Here are my two cents on the products I tried:

Mineral Cleansing Concentrate

This cleanser is thick, and smells funky – like everything all-natural does. I apply it with wet fingers to my face and leave it on for a couple of minutes before I wash it off, avoiding the eye area. I love using this at night, after I’ve removed my makeup. I feel it cleans the skin thoroughly and deeply, and even dissolves blackheads! Seriously, while using this I barely see any on my nose!

Grape Stem Cell Peeling

I only had enough for two generous applications of this mask, but I was hooked to it from the first try! Skin is left smooth and bright after each use.

Pro-Ageing Elixir

This serum has a runny-watery texture -a drop of it spreads over a wide area of skin, so I only need a little at a time. I cannot comment on the anti-aging claims because I have not used it long enough, but it definitely fares well as a serum.

Apple & Lemon Whip Moisturizer

The scent of this was my least favorite, and so was the heaviness I felt from it if I applied too much (it’s a jar not in pump-form). It’s effects on my skin made me disregard all of that though – it absorbs fast into the skin, and leaves it feeling so soft and supple. Any pimples I had healed faster while using this moisturizer. I prefer using this at night because I like to keep my face feeling as light as possible during the day so my makeup doesn’t melt off. Perhaps using the larger size with a pump would change my mind.


This whole regime is a godsend; it leaves my skin soft, smooth and unified, as if any imperfections are being dissolved from the inside out. I cannot wait to try more Ilcsi products! Thank you, Petra, for introducing me to the now 60 year-old all-natural Hungarian brand that not only works, but is as effective as less clean luxury brands.



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