Vintner's Daughter review Active Botanical Serum
Vintner’s Daughter Active Botanical Serum review

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If the conscious and luxury beauty worlds were to merge, the official byproduct would have to be Vintner’s Daughter.

From ethically sourced ingredients to luxurious yet recyclable packaging (made with non-toxic ink and mostly recycled material), Vintner’s Daughter is a cruelty-free, conscious beauty brand that gives back to environmental organizations that help preserve our planet.

The brand sports a truly minimalist approach to skincare. When I first started buying it, the Active Botanical Serum was their only product, and for good reason; it houses a best-selling botanical concoction of 22 active ingredients that achieves more than a multi-step skincare regime can. They have since expanded their line and added the Active Treatment Essence, which I have yet to try.

Active Botanical Serum was love at first use for me. It simplifies my beauty routine, which is always appreciated, especially at night after a long and hectic day. I use it after misting my face with a hydrolat (this is where the Active Treatment Essence would step in) then rub it in between my hands to activate it then press it into my skin. A whiff of heavenly jasmine tantalizes my senses, and I am ready for bed!

Vintner's Daughter review Active Botanical Serum
Vintner’s Daughter Active Botanical Serum review

Although it is fast absorbing, I usually shy away from oils during the daytime, especially in summer. I have combination to oily skin and I live in Dubai where it gets very humid, so my morning routine entails a light serum and a do-it-all sunscreen. This combination works best for my skin and helps keep any makeup I wear in place for longer. With that said, I have used the Active Botanical Serum on numerous occasions during the daytime, and it elevates my morning with its luxurious scent – it would work perfectly well for people with dry to combination skin. However, my preference is to save it for night use, and then wake up to a balanced, bright and smooth complexion that looks like it’s lit from within! It does not clog my acne-prone skin; on the contrary, any existing pimples shrink considerably and become less red and inflamed.

Vintner’s Daughter Active Botanical Serum is a minimalist’s dream! I have purchased several bottles and will continue to invest in it – in fact, if I ever were to retire from blogging and calm my itch to try new products, this would be the one product I would continue using…

Click here to purchase Vintner’s Daughter from the US, or here from the UAE or anywhere else.

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