I was always so excited to try the Clarisonic after seeing so many people rave about it online. I finally purchased my Mia 2 last summer while I was on a trip to South of France, as it was still not available in Dubai then. If I remember correctly, it comes with a sensitive brush head, and I went ahead and bought a couple of more for later as it is required to change the head every 3 months.

I started using the Clarisonic twice a day, morning and evening, as recommended by the sales lady at Sephora. Initially, my face felt smooth, and super clean and my blackheads were decreasing. However, 2 weeks into using it, I felt tiny bumps starting to appear under my skin and was hesitant to attribute them to my beloved Clarisonic. After much trial and error, I finally had to admit to myself that the Clarisonic was the culprit and I put it aside for the longest while – until I was in the States back in March and purchased a couple of Acne brush heads that I still haven’t seen available in Europe or Dubai. I decided to try it again then, however, only 2 -3 times a week, and only at night, to help prevent my skin from congesting. This technique has been working great for me as it seems daily exfoliation is too harsh for my sensitive skin.

I do not recommend using your Clarisonic to remove makeup. I almost always see a hint of color on the brush head after I use it, and I always double cleanse at night anyway, so I feel it works best after makeup is removed to help clean the skin deeper and help products absorb better after. I also always make sure to clean the brush head with soap and warm water after each use to help keep bacteria at bay.

Have you tried any of the Clarisonic products? What works best for you?

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